as much as i'm thrilled that my sawyer-muff is nine months old...i'm quite possibly more excited that i  have less than three months of breast feeding to go. 

you guys...home stretch. 

really wish it was one of those magical experiences i hear so many moms talk about...but it's not. it just isn't. 

it's not that sawyer is a bad nurser or a biter or that it's's just that i'll be excited to wear a normal bra again. and to not have to nurse in public. and no more pumping. and...i'm going to start researching that breast lift i've been dreaming about for the past three years. 
but what am i doing...this is supposed to be all about my sawyer-muff!!

T H I S  M O N T H . . .

this month you've really started to stretch your in you want to walk everywhere.

granted...we still have to hold your hands as you walk, but you're really REALLY close.

part of me is somewhat excited to watch you take your first steps, and the other party of me is grateful that we aren't going to have another nine month walker, like your sister. the head injuries that girl sustained were unfortunate.

you can stand unassisted for a bit at a time. your longest stretch was 15 seconds. when you realize you're standing by yourself you get suuuuuper excited, lose your balance and immediately sit down. so...your enthusiasm isn't helping your progress.

your second favorite pastime? crawling. you're a better crawler than your sister, so you have that going for you. your poor knees though. they are all scuffed up...although i'm not sure from what? our hardwood is super smooth, so maybe the carpet?

my favorite part about your crawling is when i'm in the other room and then all of a sudden i see your little head pop through the door with a look as if to say, "hey. hey. what's going on in here? what am i missing?"

this month you've expanded your sound vocab. you're still yelling mama when you wake up from a nap or if you want picked up. but you're also starting to work out other words, although totally not audible.

this month you've really taken a liking to antagonizing your sister. you grab at her CONSTANTLY. sometimes kaye is totally game and thinks it's funny. i think kaye may have more patience than me. but sometimes kaye gets suuuuuper irritated with you and you make her cry. she says through tears, "bitty's getting me! stop bitty!" i can't help but laugh. sisters, they're the best.

this month you've started to give high fives. you looove giving high fives. oh...and you started waving "bye!" who taught you that?

this month you've decided you no longer like posing perfectly for pictures. what gives gal?!

nicknames | bitty-boo-boo, bitty, bittles, sawyer-muff, muffy-muff

height + weight | we'll have an appointment next week, but i wouldn't be surprised if you've grown another inch and gained a pound. your thighs...girl. your thighs.

food | you eat anything and everything. thank you for this. yesterday i blended sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, and zucchini. guess ate it. i tried it. it was disgusting.

sleep |'re my little sleeping champion. you have elongated your naps to two a day for two hours each. looooove that when we're home and sticking to our schedule. but it makes life a little difficult when it comes to travel // vacations. hopefully you'll be more flexible when your auntie, uncle and cousin are visiting next week.

you're typically ready for bed each night around 6:00 pm...can't be mad about that since that's when i'm ready for bed too.

nursing | hey girl hey...with your longer napping schedule it makes it a little more difficult to nurse you five now we're down to four, sometimes three times a day. you don't seem to be too upset about it...or not at all.

looking forward to | what if this next month you worked on some more teeth? you're still sitting solid at two little teeth on the bottom with no signs of any more on their way.

also, if you could bat your beautiful blue eyes at me a little more i wouldn't be mad about that.

oh...and one more thing. stop being so sweet. and stop smiling all the time. and stop being so ticklish.'re pure perfection.

lots of love my love.