late to the party alert. my sawyer-muff was 11 months a week ago. 

but i can't skip out on a monthly update. she would never forgive me years down the road, or something like that. i mean...these archives of my gal's lives are gold...or they'll be super embarrassing in 15 years. 

plus...we've had some pretty solid milestones in the past 30 days that certainly deserve some documentation! 

kissing, walking, harassing your sister, talking on the phone...what i'm saying, sawyer is basically a teenager. (minus the fact that her sleeping these days more-so resembles that of a pregnant woman, what with her waking up 4902394 times per night.)

oh...and cling-master 5000. i remember in my not so distant past when i was able to get tasks completed throughout the day. now i have about 32 different projects 27% complete at any given time. and dinner? we can just go ahead and kiss that goodbye. dinner is only made if i want to hear sawyer cry your face off for 45 minutes. 

lord help me. sawyer is 11 months and i'm still trying to figure out where the past year has gone.
this month you're my naughty girl.

somehow you have the ability to pick out anything and everything you shouldn't be getting into...then you get into it. and you have the go big or go home mentality.

diapers in totes - pull all six totes down and splay them across your entire bedroom.

mom's folding clothes - all of a sudden you hate your toys and either only want to be in my arms or you want to crawl // roll // unfold all the laundry i've just folded.

mom is going to the bathroom - crawl to the pantry and pull down all goods from the bottom shelf.

you guys...the list of naughtiness goes on and on and on.
nicknames | bitty, girlfriend, sister

height + weight | i gave her a little measurement on the wall and she has grown a bit, but i think she's still our little bitty. one day she'll probably catch up to her sister, but she's not going to be a giant like kaye is now.

sawyer is growing out of her 6 - 12 month clothing, and when i went to look for our tote of 12 - 18 month clothing...i can't find it anywhere. hmmm...

food | i continue to be absolutely amazed by what you can put down with just your two bottom teeth. it's super impressive.

you looooove love the fruit and veggie pouches, but i would say your favorite meal is baked chicken breast nuggets and sweet potato fries i seem to be making a lot of these days. i mean...they are healthy and the whole family enjoys them. win // win.

oh...let it also be noted that there is no question - you put down a substantial amount of food and definitely out eat your sister on the daily.
sleep | sleep. what is sleep? you clearly don't know. actually, you're a great napper, it's the sleeping through the night bit. you always wake up at least once. i just have to go in and replace your binkie, and then you're down until about 5:30 am. i'll nurse you, then you'll be down until about 6:30 am...even though you used to sleep until 7:30 am. what is the deal??!

nursing | nursing. oh nursing. i am absolutely SHOCKED that we are in our 12th month of nursing. i really thought i would shoot for six months and call it a day. but here we are, rounding out a year. let me take this opportunity to thank you for only having two teeth.

nursing at this point is so easy. once in the morning, once at night. done and done. in the next few weeks we'll get you down to just once before bed...and then none. that'll be that and my breasts will be my own once more. (i motherly of me.)

looking forward to | girl. this month i'm looking forward to a few more words. you have mama and dada down. you even imitate the sounds of hello when you hold a phone to your cheek. so maybe you have a few more tricks up your sleeve?

i'm also looking forward to you mastering walking. you are SO much more cautious than your sister. when kaye started walking it was walking to running in a matter of weeks. even though you started walking this past month, you're just not that into it.

oh! and your teeth. i'll be jazzed when those suckers finally pop through. last month i was positive your top two teeth and come in. then, like magic, they went back up. how does this even happen? now, you have one top tooth cutting through (again). i can definitely feel it. i'm sure this means your other is close behind. teething is the pits.
my sweet sawyer - thank you for affirming that i am 100% done having children. you've left no question in my mind. between your sister and you (and your farmer)...our family has more personality than it can handle.