give me two seconds here...i need to get my braggy pants on.

to say our family picture session was anything short of wildly successful would be an understatement.

granted...kaye did have a number two accident mid-session and it even started to rain a little, but they  still turned out amazing.

someone was watching out for us. they had to have been. need i remind you of family photos - 2014?

nobody was watching over us. NOBODY.

yes. this was our actual christmas card. it was too funny to not send out to family and friends.

but this year...this year was beyond fabulous.

before pictures we had a little family date night. we stopped at a delicious restaurant called 13th street pub and grill. (they have a great beer selection and a menu that's always changing.) i made sure to get my gal's tummies full and talked my farmer into two beers. i wanted to make sure he was feeling relaxed and smiley. (if there's one thing he's family pictures.)

we had stephanie mballo take our pictures again, but off the farm. she had a great spot picked out in the foothills, and i loved the colors.

there are actually so many good pictures i'm going to dedicated the next 34 blog posts to showing them off. i'm just so damn proud of my sweet, little family. my girls are gorgeous and sassy. my farmer is...gorgeous and sassy. and the pictures are so lovely...i can't wait to have them printed.'s round one!

M Y  F A R M E R  +  G A L S