happy weekend!

you guys. i've been somewhat disappointed in baby gap's selection as of late. their fall colors were all weird. i was pretty disappointed because i just love getting an outfit or two for my gals each season so i can dress them like twinsies. i get such a crazy-mom thrill out of it.

now, i know what some may be thinking - gap is crazy expensive for kids.

i'm here to tell you, that just isn't so, but you have to know how to shop it.

step 1 - get their credit card and pay it off in full each month.

step 2 - wait for a sale. (they always send you 40% off promos...always.)

step 3 - try to only purchase items that are already on sale...so you get a double sale!

i can buy clothing for less at baby gap than i can at target, walmart, the children's place...pretty much anywhere.

that brings me to today...i was doing a little internet shopping this morning and just about lost it when i saw baby gap has their toddler + baby goodies listed! and the clothing is SO CUTE. so cute.

here are my picks for my two best gals -

first up, holiday outfits - my kaye would just die for that tutu dress, but unfortunately it's only for little gals. instead...her blue eyes and blonde hair will have to settle for this suuuuuper cute velvet red dress.
here + here
matching pj's - i look forward to bedtime for so many reasons...and matching pj's is just one of them.
here + here
ummm...shoes. my older best gal is all about the shoes. i, for one, am more partial to the ikat bow flats, but she'll be beyond thrilled when she sees those sparkle shoes. and they are going to look soooo cute with the tights below and that red velvet dress.
here + here
tights - every year i buy tights and every year...kaye doesn't wear them. but this year...this year is different. girlfriend is suuuuper into dresses, and i think she'll get a kick out of having birds on her knees. and those stripped tights seem to be just sassy enough for her.
here + here
tri-pack bodysuits - i buy these packs every chance i get. kaye used to wear them all the time, and now sawyer wears them all the time. they make for such a cute // comfy outfit and can be mixed and matched with all their options of leggings. and for the price...especially 40% off...yes please.
and this little cord onesie for my littler best gal - i had to throw it in for good measure. both of my gals in their holiday red...so so...so so cute.
now i just have to make sure to be home when the packages are delivered so my farmer doesn't get to them before i do. then when he asks, "did the girls get new clothes?"

no no! we've had these forever. i bought them last season on super sale. he buys that excuse exactly 5% of the time.