it's no are busy. it's the nature of the beast. this is especially the case right now because we have a lot of different things coming to a head right now -

+ 5th cutting of hay
+ corn harvest
+ planting cover crop
+ equipment maintenance

among many other details like my insistence on my farmer being home every night for dinner...oh...and by the way, farmer...

i'm going to need you to watch our gals for three full days.

and he couldn't have been happier doing so. that farmer of mine...he's absolutely the best. (aside from coming home to...ummm...a house that...ummm...i had to clean (cough cough) for three hours...and i'm still not finished. (don't tell my farmer, he's very sensitive when it comes to his cleanliness. he shouldn't be...he has me! i'll clean, he can make the money.)

so, what happens when mama is away and my farmer is pulling daddy daycare? basically the best weekend of their entire lives...and i'll show you why...

you visit pumpkin patches and corn mazes with your best buddies...

(a big thank you to amy for these wonderful pictures...i'm so jealous i wasn't there!)
you jump off of hay bales...onto a hidden trampoline. (you should see the slow-mo video.

while my farmer held sawyer, amy's farmer assisted my best gal with her first few jumps.
but then she was a-okay to take the leap by herself! you guys...she's not even three yet.
when amy's oldest boy wasn't showing kaye the ropes, he was tending to sawyer...maybe even trying to get a few kisses like beckam got from kaye.
basically, they had the best day ever while mom was gone.
but they didn't slow down.

kaye managed some more mountain biking practice.
all before my farmer took both girls on a hike. sawyer was in the ergo in front...asleep. kaye was in our osprey backpack in back...asleep.

(i wrote awhile ago about the type of backpack we use. you can find it here and it's awesome. it's the osprey poco. osprey makes super quality goods. we have several of their luggage pieces too, and zero complaints.)
and at some point in the weekend, my farmer managed to find a hot springs near our home and took the girls for a little dip.

basically, my girls wish he could be a farmer AND a stay at home dad. mom...who's mom? i'm guessing they want me to go to atlanta more often.
so now i know. now i know my farmer can easily handle two children and run a business while mom takes a vacation. if i had known it was going to be so easy for him i would have peaced out of there several months ago.

all the kisses and hugs and back rubs and thank yous to my farmer for being the best farmer and the best daddy. all your gals love you.

and ladies...if your guys need a few tips on being a stay at home daddy...i'm sure my farmer could field some questions, or i can break it down - lots of day trips + frozen pizza.