happy tuesday from the farm!

oh lawd. i'm back on the farm. back with my gals. back with my man...the farmer.

my farmer - that fella deserves a vacation. he took the girls for me for three full days so i could jet off to atlanta to attend a little mixer // deal // blog // thingy. honestly...i'm not sure what it was, but i do know i got a lot of free stuff. #winning
please excuse my exceptionally haggard look. that georgia humidity + rain is no joke for this desert dweller.
and even more winning happened prior to the mixer when i got to meet up with jessica who blogs over at the newly. now now, i know i've been bragging about meeting her in my last three posts, but you guys...it's TOTALLY BRAG-WORTHY! she's the sweetest, cutest, super-funny, super-mom in all of atlanta...probably the greater georgia area. you guys...we sat and sipped champagne for five hours. it was basically the best first date of my life. i mean...so what if she filed a restraining order against me today. details...

what i'm saying is...if there is someone that you've chatted back and forth and back and forth with via blog and you think it might be fun to meet them...DO IT. all i have to do now is talk jessica into a ski vacation with her family in tow. kaye and caleb // sawyer and vivi = fast friends i'm sure.

moving on. i also attended something called the maiedae mixer hosted by a couple of gals who know how to pack 35 strangers in a room and provide for a good time! there was a Photo Booth. there was an art project. there was champagne // wine // TONS of dessert. i got to meet some super motivated // talented gals who have mostly all started their own little businesses. what i'm saying is...i have a load of blog // instagram stalking to do so i can learn the tricks of the trade. i'm so motivated to really get party and paper a little face // space of its own so people know i'm here! i'm here to design your custom paper goods! (business cards // letterhead // party invitations // postcards // wedding package...guys...i have you covered.)

in other news...i had a few of you digging on this little hat i picked up yesterday. you guys...i'm not a hat person. but this hat...i think i'm in love. i'm finally cornering the i'm a mom who wrestles on the floor all day long so yoga pants would be preferable, but i'd like to look dressed, so it needs to be comfy look. and this new hat falls into that category...because it's going to mean i don't have to wash my hair every day.
and then there's the scarf. you guys...this is the very best scarf of my life. and i have about 25 scarves. (i had a pretty big scarf issue from 2010 - 2013.) but this scarf...this scarf is where it's at. you can wear it 400 different ways and it goes with loads of outfits. dress it up // dress it down. use it as a blanket. use it as a sweater. use it as a potholder. i don't care, but use it. yes yes...it's a slight investment, but i'm telling you...you'll get much use from this glorious neck decoration. (it also falls into a staple piece for moms. you could totally wrap your baby in it after a blow out. totally.)

after such a super fun weekend i had to catch a flight...and by catch i mean i SPRINTED through the airport with my luggage trying to catch my flight home. this was after being harassed by the rental car people about payment (i pre-paid...they didn't seem to understand that) and getting stopped at security  for like...15 minutes for my breast milk i had pumped while i was away. and guess what...i missed my flight. thankfully they were able to switch me over to a different airline and i still made my connecting flight home...but it made for quite the stressful travel day...which reminded me of exactly why i prefer driving over flying. nine hours in the car...sure. nine hours trapped in an airport // airplane...no thanks. what i'm saying is...if you want to hang out, you'll have to come to me. i'll buy the drinks for your travel troubles.

so...happy tuesday. here's to a great week. and here's to not looking suuuuuper awkward during our family pictures happening tomorrow! wish us luck. (it's always hard competing with my farmer...he's so obviously the better looking of the two of us...) #fishingforcompliments