you know what's fun?

daylight savings. i'm falling asleep at 9 pm and waking up at 5 am and feeling great about it.

i adore early mornings drinking coffee when it's pitch black outside. and we're talking black black because there aren't any street lamps out here...just stars.

in other news...i had a ridiculously strange dream last night. i was at a wedding and all these popular girls from high school were there. i ended up telling them off for being so mean to me in high school.

why is this strange? it's strange on so many levels.

1. i can't remember a single time anyone was mean to me in high school. either everyone was really nice or i was super oblivious.

2. i haven't thought about those particular girls in high school...since high school. totally weird.

3. i've never once told someone off. except for maybe a verizon wireless person for giving me the runaround about an incorrect phone bill. that was super annoying.


what does it all mean? right...our dreams are supposed to be telling us something?

thank god we have a CASH GIVEAWAY going on to take my mind off it.

yeah, let's talk about the giveaway going on today!

obviously i have a group of super pretty girls on the blog. i swear...either only pretty girls sponsor my blog or all bloggers are pretty...or both.

so, they are pretty. they are fun. they write. they give away cash. this all sounds like a great combo...especially since it's NOVEMBER, which means christmas is NEXT MONTH.

so let's get ourselves busy and check out the gals bringing the giveaway as well as getting entered!

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