daylight savings. you are OWNING me! (shakes fist at sky.)

but i'm going to make this post an easy one - 

first - did you get yourself entered in the group giveaway i posted yesterday? it is $165 paypal cash + an ad space + a holiday card design. that's pretty fun.

secondly - i have more family pictures to share! today, it's all about my two best gals and me. i'm pretty jazzed about this, because when sawyer was born we really didn't snag any pictures of the three of us. or the girls and russell. kaye was so freaking chaotic that day i'm surprised our house didn't get lit on fire. she was seriously so wild. 

but now she's three and she likes sawyer 85% of the time and it made for much better family pictures. 

again, i can't thank stephanie mballo photography for her great eye, beautiful location idea, patience, aaaaaand...for all the beautiful pictures of my family. 

side note - i swear i was not drunk when i decided to wear a dress this short. i guess i didn't realize it was that short. my farmer certainly didn't tell me it was slightly inappropriate. meh. not a lot that can be done now. short dress, short hair, don't care...or something like that.

modeling agencies are probably going to call about sawyer's ridiculously engaging stare. if only we could get her hair to grow...
you guys...what am i going to do with this sassy gal? look at her lips all puckered out with a little furrow in her brow. i already know i'm in so much trouble.
do not let squishy cheeks, here, deceive you. her bark is as big as her bite. no seriously...she has four teeth and they are sharp.
and my most two best gals. swoon.

swoon for kaye's pigtails. swoon for sawyer's tiny nose. swoon for a framer for sure.   
nobody worry...i have more to share on another date. no seriously...there are more! when i got these pictures it was like christmas. i'm still shocked with how great they turned out!