hey hey party people.

and by party people...i mean not me. it's thursday night and i have a raging headache. i also have two gallons of ice cream that the schwan's man delivered tonight. it's calling to me.

must. be. strong.

but trust me...i'm considering every excuse in the book.

+ i have a headache - better eat some ice cream.
+ my farmer is out combining corn - better eat some ice cream.
+ i didn't eat healthy all day, so why start now? better eat some ice cream.

the list goes on and on. i'll let you know how it all works out.

but before i more than likely indulge...let's get linked up. it's oh hey, friday! after all.

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1 | currently i'm trying to keep myself out of the freezer. i'm desperately trying to get back on the fitness train. i wouldn't say my workouts have been lacking...but my eating. let's just say i've been going without want. give me all ice cream, cheese, beer, bacon, cake, frosting, cookies. and guess what, while it sure does taste delicious...i've been feeling like total garbage. time to get things ship shape up in here...(up in here).

2 | currently i'm contemplating on whether or not it might be too harsh to write a post about why some bloggers won't be able to quit their job to blog. lord knows i'll never be able to turn this space into a full time gig. and guess what...there are lots of others who have those aspirations that won't make it fly either. and it's because of a myriad of reasons - not interesting content, poor writing style, consistency, lacking the it factor, etc. but i guess we can't fault ourselves for trying. so maybe i won't write that post...

3 | currently i'm trying to figure out if a third kid is in the cards. man...that has got to be the toughest decision...ever. i swore swore swore i would be done after two. and i'm 88% sure that we are. but i always dreamed of a big family. but i don't want to be pregnant again. i don't want to nurse again. i don't want to not sleep again. #selfish 

4 | currently watching dirty dancing. i remember i saw this movie for the first time when i was young young. like...far too young to be watching 20-somethings GA-RIND on each other. and definitely too young to watch a show where the employees were sleeping with much older married women...and a 17 year old concurrently. ummm...where were my parents? all the same...dirty dancing holds a very special spot in my movie heart. 

5 | currently feeling so super proud of party & paper! samantha of cotton tales posted pictures of a party she threw...and i designed all the paper goodies for it! go have a look! not to mention i'm beyond jazzed that i'll be designing quite a few of your holiday and christmas cards this year! you guys...you make me so happy! thank you thank you!

and as always...if you're in need of any paper goods, be it invitations // business cards // flyer // party banner // visual branding board // something i haven't mentioned, please please send me an e-mail! i'd love to discuss your ideas!

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