friends...i SWEAR this is the final round of family pictures i'll be throwing all over the internet. and i apologize in advance for sharing so many...but historical documentation people. my grandchildren's grandchildren will cherish this space. (right? or something like that.)

so here is what we know about family pictures -

1 | it's a nightmare to pick out coordinating outfits that don't look too coordinated...more effortless.

2 | trying to get two small, emotional beings to cooperate and smile and be happy and be candid is a roller coaster in itself.

3 | enjoying a beverage or two pre-pictures - i highly recommend.

4 | my dress looks more like a shirt. ummm...whoops.

again, i can't thank stephanie mballo for her great eye, quick trigger finger, and patience with our family. she captured so many wonderful pictures of my favorite people. we'll treasure these pictures forever...or at least until next year when i decide to put on an inappropriately short dress and have her take more.
is anyone else seeing how dead in the eyes kaye is here? as if she would rather be doing anything else in all of the world. anything. well, don't worry little girl...your farmer feels the exact same way about family pictures. poor gal.
however, this one...this one is a favorite. kaye may be poking her eye out, but everyone else looks great and you can't see how short my dress is.
kaye gave me about 25 kisses here. i'd take 25 more if she'd let me. 
i also asked stephanie to grab some of my farmer and me. we haven't had any pictures together since our wedding, so i was so so happy when these came back as framers.

all we had to do was ignore our children for three minutes.
the most handsome farmer around.