it turns out...i've come to a realization.

i am 1000% addicted to my computer on so many levels.

+ i use it to workout.
+ i use it to make money.
+ i use it to blog.
+ i use it to shop.
+ i use it to do banking.
+ i use it waste time.
+ i use it to cook.

and that's just off the top of my head.

so the fact that i dug out my old macbook from 2005 so that i could bring to you jess from being bradfords says something - like maybe she's super cute and super fun and has a pretty good looking hunk she gets to brag on?

not only that, but jess is quasi-new-ish to this whole blogging community and i 100% assured her that we would show her so so much love...because let's face it - all you blogging gals that read september farm are so out of this world wonderful i just know you will show all the same support to our gal, jess. 
i got to sit down (ie. e-mail back and forth) with jess recently to complete a little q + a. question and answer sessions are my very most favorite way to get to know a fellow blogger - 

KARLI | we want to get to know you better - give us a quickie all about you!

JESS | my name is jess and i live in beautiful san diego with my hubby and two furbabies. i'm a 2nd grade teacher and i LOVE my job. my husband and i are both from las vegas. weird to grow up there, i know, but it seemed normal to us! i moved to san diego 2.5 years ago to finally join mark here. we did long distance for almost three years! i am a total book worm, pretend chef (in my own kitchen, of course), shopaholic, makeup lover, and wannabe crafter. i love sushi and i'll never turn down a latte or some frozen yogurt. i also try to spend as much time out side as possible, which isn't too hard when you live in san diego. 

KARLI | why do you do this crazy blogging thing?

JESS | that's a great question. i got this random idea to start a blog one day and the nagging feeling in my heart never stopped until i actually did it. i thought it would be a fun way for our families to stay connected to our everyday lives, especially the family members who aren't on facebook. i also thought it would be a creative outlet for me to share my random thoughts about every day life. i was right about both! my family loves to hear about what we are up to and it's also a great way for me to share things i am passionate about or just happen to love at the moment.

KARLI | you're fairly new to blogging - what has been the hardest part about it for you? the easiest? what do you hope to improve on?

JESS | the hardest part was just to start. i created my blog last year when my husband left for his deployment, with the intent for it to be my project while he was gone. sadly, it took me six months to write my first post. i was so nervous to put so much of myself out there in such a vulnerable way. it was / is scary and i didn't know how people would react to my content.

the more i post, the more i feel encouraged by the people around me, though. i've gotten the sweetest comments and feedback, which makes me want to post even more. i feel like i've learned so much but i still have A TON to improve upon. i want to learn how to take better pictures and to seriously step up my editing game. i am also so new to coding and the whole creating a website thing. my skills are sadly lacking at the moment. haha!

KARLI | now a fun question - how did you meet your hunk of burnin' love?
JESS | we actually went to high school together and were in the same circle of friends. mark loves to say we were high school sweethearts or that i was in love with him...haha! so not true. we didn't actually date until much later. i had just moved back to Las Vegas from Reno for my first teaching job and he was on leave for thanksgiving weekend. we randomly commented on the same facebook post and ended up messaging back and forth. i was flirting hardcore and he seemed standoffish...major ego blow for me, haha! turns out he was playing it cool because he thought i was dating a mutual friend, which i wasn't. we ended up hanging out with a big group of friends, which turned into a pizza roll fight at my house (oh, boys...) and then led to him asking me out on a date. we went out the day after thanksgiving, where he ended up meeting my parents at happy hour. i know, i know...on the first date?? you would have to meet my parents to understand, they are super fun and not over-protective at all. we started dating and he proposed to me one year later on the anniversary of our first date. we've been together five years now!

KARLI | that's a way better story than me - borderline stalking my farmer until i wore him down and he had to propose. super romantic...

what are three things you can't live without?

JESS | coffee, family, and jesus. do i sound like a bumper sticker? haha!

i am a coffee girl to my core. it lifts me up in the morning and makes me feel alive at the awful hour of 5 am.
my family is super important to me. i talk to my mom every single day and consider mher more of a best friend than my mom. my family is loving, fun, and a little crazy all at the same time. a good kind of crazy, though. haha! that's what they all say, right??

my husband is my rock and my biggest supporter. he cracks me up daily and helps to calm my anxieties and worries. he balances me in a much needed way! i'm so blessed to have him in my life.

my faith is truly the core of who i am and without it i would be lost.

KARLI | coffee all day err day! and hip hip to hilarious husbands! (my farmer better be hilarious with all the grief he gives me!)

what's your favorite vacation spot? 
JESS | oh man, that's so hard. there are so many places that i love to vacation...i would have to say monterey. it's where mark proposed and it's just such a calming and gorgeous place to visit. we went back this summer and had such a great time. you can read about our awesome road trip up the cost here and  here
also, we took a trip to savannah, georgia to see mark's brother who plays minor league baseball. it was a surprise trip for chase so he could see mark before he deployed. we absolutely loved the history in savannah and oh my goodness - the food was soooo delicious! it was such an amazing trip!
as for our next vacation, we would love to go to boston to see mark's cousin. i've only been to a couple places on the east coast and boston is definitely on my bucket list. we are trying to figure out a trip in the spring, so fingers crossed it works out!

KARLI oooo! my farmer and i drove up the cost of california a few years ago and drove through monterey. we will 100% be going back to get the full experience because it looks absolutely charming and wonderful and relaxing and gorgeous. yes yes yes!

my favorite question - if you could be a real housewife...whcih city would you be a part of? why?

JESS | oh! i love the orange county women! vickie is one of my faves! she's an OG and i love how crazy she can get haha! i think my favorite city is still the new york housewives though, but not the current cast, the original ladies. i love the idea of vacationing in the hamptons and living in those beautiful old buildings. plus, i love bethany, especially when she was besties with jill.

KARLI | girl - i can't get enough of them. and have you seen the latest cast from cheshire?! oh lord. the entire thing needs to be subtitled - i can barely understand them. i wish i had an accent. anyway...on to far more sophisticated things...

you're a reader! can you recommend a must read for these cold winter months?

JESS | i just finished some great books! one of my favorites that i recently read is the good girl by mary kubica. this is the kind of book where you can sink into a comfy spot with a glass of wine or hot cocoa (whatever your preference!) and get sucked in. it's a mystery with hints of a love story and lots of twists and turns. such a page-turner! also, if you haven't read the nightingale by kristin hannah, stop everything you are doing and order this book now. it is that good! it has to be my favorite that i've read that i've read so far this year.

i also loved circling the sun by paula mcclain, the other daughter  by lauren willig, and fates and furies by lauren groff. to learn more about these books check out the book over-reviews on my blog!

KARLI | oh lord to find the time to read again. it'll happen for me, one day, right? right. 

gal! thank you so so much for being on the blog today! i just know you're going to find the community even better and more supportive the longer you do it! 

(and stick with it when it comes to learning how to code and edit. TOTALLY worth it!)

and for everyone else! don't be afraid to visit jess in all her social media outlets!

don't forget to check out jess' favorite posts!

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