you know those times when you basically stop publishing posts because you just feel like you don't have anything to share? or maybe you're just feeling lazy? or maybe you just need a break? or maybe...or maybe life just gets in the way?

uh...raises both hands waaaaaaay up.

but then there are those bloggers that always seem to have great content to share with wonderful photos and endless ideas and and and...that's when i just get plain jealous.

the good news? in this case i get to SHARE one of those bloggers with you! that's right.

sarah at mohr to love is on the blog today, or rather i'm here to introduce her to you! that's fun.

but before i send you off to read all her great content i wanted sarah to share with us some of her most favorite posts.

we'll start things off with getting your mouth watering. plus it's super bowl sunday this weekend and if you're on the hunt for food here. sarah details how EASY and stress free (on the messy front) it can be to prep some game day food. pizza? (check) cut it up. (done and done.) grab a dipping sauce. (yum.)'re done. so i guess you don't need to click her post. but i think you should...because she has another great idea to eliminate down on spills in your living room. because the fact is...people will have drinks hovering over your beloved couch or chair. that's enough to give me a panic attack.

next up?! are you looking for a super fun post ideas? well...this is probably something i'm going to steal right from her pages. a monthly favorites list! this is a super pinterest-friendly pinnable idea!

in january's issue sarah talks all about her favorite beauty goodies, fashion finds (diamond stud earrings + chanel...yes please!) and tops it all off with a super cute video.

are you getting the picture yet? sarah is a blogger you want to add to your reading list!

along the same line of beauty finds...sarah also shares new, great products! biore is on her list! she recommends it for a fresh face! well...actually, she says it best...

I have some AMAZING NEW skincare items to share with you today. One is dry and the other is a gel, but both smell so wonderful and make your skin feel amazing. What’s the secret weapon in the fight for clean PORES: Baking Soda! Now this household staple has a place on your vanity as a natural cleansing ingredient and exfoliator. These products are perfect for combination skin. I was especially impressed with the BiorĂ© Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub.

i'm always on the hunt for great face products that don't break the'll keep reading along for all her finds!

you know've spent enough time on September Farm. it's time for you to head on over sarah's way.

but wait! don't go yet. one last thing! sarah has so very very generously put together a giveaway for you! did someone say S T A R B U C K S ? ? ! ! give it to me now. all you have to do is get yourself entered below! --------------->

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