yeah yeah yeah...blah blah blah. we've seen 29039 posts we won't mention about upping your blog game...and you gotta do this...and you gotta do that...and you gotta do the whosey-whatsy thing-a-ma-ring.

you know what. that's great. that's all wonderful if you have the freaking time. i don't have the freaking time.

here's what i want -

1. i want my blog to look good. i want it to reflect me. i don't want it to look like someone else's blog down the blog-block.

2. i don't want garbage stock photos that i had to pinterest "free stock photos" for and then dig through pinterest to find an actual legit stock photo site that has a stock photo i want. i could have taken my own picture in the amount of time it took me to dig for a great picture. i'd rather post a picture of kaye with crazy hair and call it a day.

and C. i'm okay with putting down a little cash to have the right tools to make my blog look professional and pretty. i much did you pay for your camera? you're telling me you don't want to put down $10 for a pretty font you'll use over and over again?

that's what i'm talking about today! instant gratification.

i'm taking a break from all the strategy talk about building your blog that's floating all over the place and replacing it with - here's a great tool to check me, it's going to be your new jam.

speaking of jam - i swear...i had to google jam in the urban dictionary. jam? i love jam. so maybe that's where it all comes from? jam is delicious and people generally love it? so that's why this and that are now your jam? whatever...creative market is about to be your jam.

and friends - i really really LOVE all of the goods i'm about to share with you. i'm on the creative market site constantly because it's such an amazing resource of talent and prettiness and it saves me a whole-lotta-time. so here-goes...
1 | styled stock photos
you many styled stock photos. SO MANY! they even start as low as $2. your you can buy a bundle of them for like...$25. it's crazy. think of all the pretty images you could create for your blog or instagram or or...your shop. love it.
2 | fonts...all the glorious fonts
i don't know what's gotten into me...but i'm font crazy. and then...once i get hooked on a font i use it over and over and over until i get sick of it. then i buy five more. it's a problem i'm looking into it. anyway...get yo-self a font. a unique one! use it to help brand your images and blog! suggestions? glad you asked...
hello beautiful // anter // gorgeous script
manhattan darling // boutique // malarkey
i'm currently the proud owner of manhattan darling and hello beautiful, but since i'm so obsessed with hand lettering these can bet anter and boutique will find their way to me soon enough.

3 | illustrations know all those pretty watercolor flowers you see all over the place? easy. just go buy them for $3 on creative market!

these are pretty. oooo...and so are these. but THIS...this watercolor set is 100% going to be purchased by me as soon as i finish this blog post. think of all the gorgeousness to be made!
watercolor flower set
but there's more than just watercolor, obviously. you can buy illustrations, little social media icons, and textures. textures that your new font would look great on! like these...
wood grain // carerra marble
4 | professional tools
guys...if i had known about creative market way back when i was pounding the pavement for employment i would have had the snazziest resumé around. 
you can purchase resumé templates. business card templates. flyer templates. you can purchase all the things. all of them. i'm not even looking for a job and i want to redo my resumé. ridiculous.

5 | wordpress themes
so...i know the big thing right now is to transfer your blog over to wordpress. you won't catch me doing that any time soon. i'm pretty much in love with blogger and i don't want to deal with the migration headache of transferring all my content, buying plugins, learning how to use said plugins and blah blah. however...if you're feeling like this is your cup of tea or you are already on're in luck. creative market sells a whole heap of wordpress templates ready to roll. you can buy them for your blog, your photography business, your new boutique...basically anything you want to pedal.

see what i mean! i'm obsessed. in the course of writing this post i have a flower set and a new font in my checkout basket. yes...instead of buying shoes or cute clutches...i buy fonts. this is strange.

happy almost friday, friends. see you back here for oh hey, friday! tomorrow!