happy day, friends!

i have all sorts of news to share...
+ last night i got a super wild hair. kaye asked if bitty could "spend the night"...and i thought since the bed was all set up in her room, why not! so we did a new bedtime routine, read books, sang songs - everything together sitting in kaye's bed. then...we laid kaye down, next was sawyer. i told the girls to close their eyes and have good dreams (and stay in bed). i ran upstairs and turned the monitor on. for 15 long minutes things were good! no noise. no movement. they just laid in their beds like good girls. i was shocked. then things were not good. sawyer crawled over to kaye's bed. they hugged, played, and laughed. then kaye decided to lay down and that's when sawyer started pulling her hair. kaye patiently wiped sawyer's hand away...but sawyer just kept pulling. i couldn't watch sawyer bully kaye anymore. at this point they had been down there for 25 minutes alone. i marched down, picked sawyer up, and explained we would try again tomorrow. i know i did this exactly the wrong way. i should have treated it like sleep training. hindsight is 20/20. but seriously...i'll try again tomorrow.

+ not really news but...i just saw my first preview for bachelor in paradise. ummm...i'm so so jazzed.
+ next - i'm beyond thrilled to report that Karli Bell Branding & Design had it's best month to date (and the month isn't over!). i'm so thankful to those of you who have trusted me with your blog headers // business logos // business branding // party invitations // media kits // etc. it's been such an amazing past few months and it really makes me so happy to think of what might be just around the corner! if you haven't had a peak at my new website yet...feel free to do so! find it HERE!

+ lastly - to piggyback on the design bizz...yesterday during bitty's nap i decided i'd jump all over the pineapple bandwagon and snazzied up this little gem. you can find it in my etsy shop! obviously it doesn't just have to be for a baby shower. the wording can be customized to your liking and color preferences!

happy hump day! or happy winesday wednesday! or you know...happy mid week.