it was just last week when i realized my birthday is just around the corner. as in...less than two months away. i think i'll be 32. maybe 33.

33. i'll be 33. and because it's a three and a three that has to mean it's extra special or something like that...right? which means i should go biggish or go home...ish.

gosh, 33 does not sound right, but it is.

regardless - what does every self-respecting blogger do when their birthday is right around the corner?

answer - you make yourself a birthday wish list collage!

i else would my farmer know what's going to start showing up in packages at the front door?
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
first up - those glorious booties. oh mercy...i'm in love. definitely not farm appropriate, but they'll make me feel tall and fancy and i need them.

secondly - i haven't even started on the girl's shared room and i'm already mentally moving sawyer out of my soon to be office. i could use a nice little desk calendar to put on my non-existent desk.

next up - this weekender bag! i need this in my life. i could use it all the time. not only for when we take quick trips, but on the longer trips i could put all my hair // make-up goodies in it. it's absolute perfection. perfect size. perfect color. perfect organization. 

these shoes - just one more pair of shoes...i swear. and it's not even like i have a lot of shoes. i don't! i have maybe 20 pairs of shoes. and that counts all the heels i used to wear to work...that i should probably try to sell or just donate or something. but these little flats would be a great transitional shoe into fall and then i'll need to get a new pair of crop skinny jeans - no big deal.

fall is right around the corner...and so is winter. and winter means that i need a new wear with my new flats and skinny jeans. this little patagonia vest totally fits the bill.

and remember when i was talking about my office (that doesn't exist yet but soon will)...this is the office chair i'll be getting. i'm totally allowed to get white because my farmer's dirty farm pants won't be allowed to touch it.

and don't worry! i'll only be talking about my birthday 2938472 more times between now and september 18th. (mark your calendar...i'm throwing myself a surprise, virtual birthday party. it's going to be wild.)