happy monday all! and it truly is a happy monday...considering my farmer and i spent our anniversary on the couch due to saturday's libations.

if i've said it once...i'll say it again. i'm too old for that sh*t.

actually...i don't think i've ever said it...but after what happened on saturday...i truly am too old. with as much fun as was had...sunday proved it just wasn't quite worth it.

i mean...who's idea was it to rent a party bus with a stripper pole?

gina - i blame gina.

gina...if you're reading you should know that i have a little bit of hate in my heart for your 28th birthday as well as your 35th. (yes...i still remember your 28th birthday.)

so, now that it's monday i'm feeling back to my old self and thought i'd bring a little brand reveal i've been working on over that past few weeks.

jessica owns a hair and makeup studio and wanted a little brand refresher. we've started her new branding off with a mood board and color selection. we honed in on a logo using a combination of brush and simple type but the gold makes it pop.

i can't wait to work on social media and stationary for her so that her complete brand is cohesive and looks as good as her clients do!

if you are interested in a business refresh i'm currently booking for late september and october! e-mail me here for inquiries!