kaye has this really awkward thing going on.

she's three - turning four. she looks like a five year old, but her birthday is in october so she's still two years away from starting kindergarten.

i was encouraged by our pediatrician a few weeks ago that i should probably get her started with preschool just to get her used to the idea of school and being in that sort of environment all day...considering she's never done daycare or anything like that.

so, last week i took her to a daycare / preschool for a tour and received the pricing schedule for two days a week and nearly sh*t myself. ummm...over $600 per month for two days a week? come again? say what?! not to mention i would have to drive my gal over an hour each way. to cap that off...i was also hoping to take sawyer to the same school (different classroom) so that i can continue to work. guys. this is crazy.

and get this...the four year olds at this particular school still nap two hours a day. i was like...if i'm going to be paying that much for "school" you certainly aren't going to be watching my kid sleep for part of it.

now, granted, i've only visited one school. and upon further research i've discovered that i'm actually MONTHS late in getting kaye signed up for a more traditional preschool...but please tell me i'm not going to have to sell myself on the corner to get my kid into preschool.

and to make matters worse...all kaye talks about now is going to school and meeting her teacher and packing her much as i appreciate her zeal for education...girlfriend is going to have to get a job if she wants to go.

with all this school talk we've officially realized summer is but mere weeks from over. fastest summer of my life. speaking of fastest, most jam-packed summer...

we're ditching the farm for the next few days and heading up to mccall for some lake time // golf time // bike time // anniversary celebrating time...and to top it all off - a wedding on saturday.

and speaking of that wedding - i can't wait to share the dress i ended up picking from rent the runway. you can read that post here.

we're going to cap this summer off with staying up late, too much ice cream, campfire smoke, and hopefully one million photos...because i've been failing so hard in capturing the memories...and blogging the memories.