i often have deep thoughts...so so deep. but as a mom i usually have about 5000 things going through my head so these deep, profound ponderings slip right through without putting pen to paper.

but not today.

+ can we talk about costco's mac and cheese casserole? it is by far the very best macaroni and cheese i've ever had. if you haven't had the pleasure...go spend $10. it's absolutely heavenly.

+ when we were at disneyland i ended up carrying and holding kaye in line...a lot. i always end up getting kaye because sawyer is so obsessed with our farmer. and while i looooove holding my four year old...she also weighs 40 pounds. with the amount that she was in my arms i totally did something to my back and i've had seizing pain from my rear to my lower back on my left side since last tuesday. it's been less than fun.

it's finally starting to feel a little better and i can walk without a limp - this is good because i so so desperately need to start working out again. i plan on putting a serious hurt on some holiday treats and drink...but i'd rather not have to only wear stretch pants in the process.

+ hey - can anyone recommend a good christmas album? i have michael bublé's, but i wouldn't mind adding another one to the mix.

+ speaking of christmas - favorite holiday movie...go. favorite tradition?

+ i bought an elf on the shelf last thanksgiving. as in - thanksgiving 2015. it has yet to make it out of the box. you guys - that's a lot of effort to introduce the elf. then change the position of the elf every night. remind your children that you absolutely cannot touch the elf. i'm just not sure i'm ready to make such an intense commitment. maybe next year.

+ awhile ago i mentioned a project where i was going to have to make about 40 pom poms. it was the cutest pom pom wreath and i was jazzed. so far i've made four pom poms. chalk it up as the least fun diy ever. the yarn i'm using is hard to cut when it's so bundled. the fuzz goes everywhere. and basically i wish i could just buy the pom poms instead. thank you pinterest...for nothing.

+ amazon had a free 30 day trial for HBO and i thought, "yeah, okay. game of thrones." so...i'll see you in a few months after i finish binge watching the entire series. the hype is real.

+ creative market! have you ever ventured over there? if you're in need of stock images or a new font or graphics, wordpress blog theme, etc - they are having 20% off your purchase and it ends today! so...you should probably get on over there and do a little more christmas shopping!

that wraps those thoughts up for the day! happy 20 days until christmas!