it's safe to say i slept the week away. my body was in full-blown get better as fast as possible mode...and it did! i'm fully recovered from whatever terrible stomach bug got to me and now maybe i can convince my farmer we should do something fun this weekend. but i kind of doubt it because he has that crazy look in his eye. the look a farmer gets when the sun is kind of shining and they feel like they need to be in the field and all of a sudden they are convinced their a month behind where they were last year and blah blah blah. crazy farmers. anyway...

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W I S H  L I S T

1 | peloton
yes - i'm still totally on this - i need a peloton bike. must have one. let me tell you this - to get a peloton would be less than paying for a gym membership. one day i could run...the next day i could would be the very best cross training! besides...biking is super good for your booty. and let's get booty needs some serious work. any of you out there attend spin classes? do you love them? if you lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere would you buy yourself a peloton? (all of these arguments will be presented to my farmer.)
2 | new kicks! guys! the sun poked it's head out! i'm talking...we could totally go outside and play and the wind didn't blow us away. it was glorious. naturally, this makes me think of all things spring. bunnies, easter baskets...and new shoes. for me.
i have my eyeball on these cuties - which i think would go great with shorts as well as sun dresses or jeans rolled up...i wish they came in a lighter color...
3 | a new couch
i have probs...all of a sudden i'm totally obsessed with the idea of a new couch. a new couch we don't need. but every time i walk into pottery barn and see the air collection i just fall in love...minus the fact that it's $5000. but isn't she beautiful?
now that i'm thinking about it...wouldn't it be amazing to be a brand rep for them? maybe they could send me a new couch every six months? some new decor each holiday? 

4 | backpack purse
so...i thought maybe the older my kids got the less stuff i would be carrying is this not happening? i feel like i'm carrying more stuff and then i also need to have my hands free...especially when we're in the city. a certain someone has a tendency to dart through parking lots. also...i feel like when i'm shopping...i no longer want something slung over my shoulder, constantly sliding off. or if i have sawyer on one hip...that hip always happens to be the same side my purse is on...and she hates that. clearly i have a serious problem...and that problem is becoming a backpack purse carrying mom. wasn't it cool to have a backpack purse in the 90's?

would i be terribly judged if i rocked this one? it could just be a quick grab and go bag? and i mean...i'm wearing yoga pants every day anyway...i could really just complete the outfit...

5 | tropical vacation
oh yes. my farmer and i haven't been on a legit vacation since...i honestly can't even remember. it may have been before we were married. i mean, sure. we've done a two night getaway here and there, but we've never done a legit vacation while married. we didn't even go on a honeymoon.

one time while we were dating i had to go to hawaii for work and my farmer came along...but i was working, so...that doesn't count. 

maybe i can talk my farmer into a mini-vay-cay before farming picks up too much.

okay! happiest weekend! link up below!