summer vacation is about to start...and by vacation i mean my gals are getting a vacation from their mama. read more about that and how we broke sawyer of her binkie...but first...

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1 | beyond busy

oh mercy. you guys...saying "no" is scary. i've been hustlin' - every day i'm hustlin' hustlin' - and what i'm saying is...when it rains it pours. do you know what i mean? let me give you some examples...

- i have two etsy (here and here) shops. one can be dead for awhile and the other steady...which is nice because i have bits of work that come in. a few dollars here, a few dollars there. this is in addition to my large, full branding clients. but lately...both etsy shops have been insane. INSANE. and i can't say "no" to any of it, because i feel like if i do it'll all die. i don't want it to die. i just get scared. 
- i also went out and found myself a job as a Project Manager with Pollinate Media Group. and friends...i love it. but between the learning curve of learning a new job + design work + full time momming + house duties...and did i mention we're flipping our Boise house to get it on the market by the end of may? 
see - pouring. pouring business. to think...a year ago i was talking about how bored i was. 
i guess i should stop complaining. so i will. i'm just a little bit tired. and yes, i will continue to not say "no," because things will slow down eventually, i'm sure. 
2 | hellllllooooo vacation
and by vacation i two best gals are going on a bit of a vacation! their nana and grandpa (my farmer's parents) made it back from their arizona house and are headed to their mccall house...and they are taking the girls! the original proposal was five days. but i'm thinking...what if it was seven? what if it was 10? or better yet, we'll be in mccall for mother's day weekend, so they should probably just hang onto the girls until then. 
blah blah blah (as kaye would say, lately) - that all sounds good and great. but let's be real - when i'm away from the girls for a "work day," by the time i get home i've totally missed them. i'm so jazzed to see them...and they're actually excited to see me! i'm always greeted with running hugs and MOMMY! and it feels so good. so...five days. five days will be long enough. 
3 | potty training + the binkie

so...we've had some big things going on over here for our sawyer. not only is she like...90%-ish potty trained (hallelujah!) but the other night when we were having all our bedtime craziness (i wrote about that here) sawyer was being a real nightmare and lost her binkie somewhere in the mix. when she asked me to go get her a new one...i said no. and that was the end of binkie's for sawyer. a very similar end of how we broke kaye of them, as well. and you know what? she hasn't looked back, so neither of we. 
when we finally broke kaye's binkie habit she started talking so much more. not only that, but her teeth straightened dramatically. we have high hopes the same will happen for her sister...but man...she sure does have a bucked grill on her. i see some solid orthodontia in her future...
4 | don't forget about monday mama!
did you see this week's monday mama? it was with my gal jessical! jessica from the newly, remember? now she does the instagram clothing boutique - Pearl & Monroe. you can read all about jessica and how she's juggling three YOUNG kiddos AND her business here...and then go check out all the stylishness over on instagram
oh! and don't forget - if you're a monday mama or know a monday mama...and would like to get in on this interview action...e-mail me!
5 | summer bucket list
so...this summer. this summer i want to be extra special. i truly feel like it's our first summer where the gals and i (farmer will be farming) can go do fun things and i won't be totally intimidated. i know that sounds crazy, but there's nothing i fear more than being in public with a loose cannon (eh-hum...sawyer three months ago).
i'm thinking - overnight camping trip, road trip to see my sister, lots of pool time, zoo, bike rides, etc.
but what i want to know - what's on your summer bucket list?

okay! happy weekend...i'll be kid free. brag brag brag. xo. link up. all that jazz.