i'm just kind of in shock that i'm here typing out a ?? status for baby #3. 
i mean - i guess we're ready? kaye is practically an adult. she was kind enough to take these bump pictures for me...and i do believe i'll be commissioning her to do so for future bumpdates as well. she didn't even complain. she was excited! which is a far cry from the response i get from my farmer every time i ask him to take a picture with / for / of him / me / etc. you get the idea. so yeah...kaye's going to be a big help. sawyer...we're just happy she's potty trained, which is totally helpful in it's own right. 

here's the thing - farmer and i were da-da-done. and then wham-o...you either think you're extra sick with a scary illness...or your farmer convinces you to take a pregnancy test. 

and so i did...begrudgingly. 

i came out of the bathroom and said, "well...i'm not sick," and immediately went into diva mode. luckily we were in mccall (ie. close to a store, as opposed to the farm where amazon prime is faster...) and i requested my farmer go get me some ice cream and popcorn.

and truly - i think i've been on a sliding scale of diva mode ever since. i mean...this truly is our last baby, so milk it, i say. figuratively and literally.
so yeah - that's how we found out. in mccall on a little ski break. i won't say i cried, but i kind of felt like it. i was so very very mentally prepared for the first two. they were planned. as in...planned that sawyer would be born in october, just like kaye. that's how that went down for us. 

this one was like - boom. take your calendar and shove it. which obviously means we're having a boy - because no girl of mine would ever go anywhere without some sort of itinerary. 

but wait - no girl of mine would ever make things easy and simple and non-emotional...so maybe it IS a girl. i'll be revealing all that business next week. there's a video and it's sooooo worth it. i've watched it no fewer than 394930 times and i'll treasure it for-e-ver.

i say ?? because every single week i'm like...am i 24? am i 22? i just don't even know. i'm barely even paying attention when i go to the doctor. minus the fact that they keep trying to give me RhoGam (because my blood type is B-). and i tell them every single time...not getting the shot. we're good. 

we're good because my farmer has a negative blood type as well. and two negative blood types DO NOT make a positive...they make a negative. and so...we have negative babies. kaye has my farmer's blood type and sawyer has mine. no RhoGam needed.

WEIGHT GAIN | i swore i wouldn't do this to myself this go-round. but here i am, all ants in my pants about the poundage. i'm positive it has something to do with the 30 pounds i put on while in college and the time it took to take that weight off after college. i guess i'm just scared that if i don't stay active i'll slip right back into my college mentality...minus the drinking. because pregnancy and drinking is pretty frowned upon, i hear.

so i'm staying active. still running. lifting / toning. chasing my gals. 

and on the days i don't work out i give myself all the grace because i'm either mowing the lawn, weeding like a mad-woman, or working on some sort of outdoor project. 

this certainly doesn't mean i'm not eating...all the sweet things. i've been much more liberal in that respect. in fact...i'm not really sure when the last time was that i made dinner. i had to stop meal planning because i was wasting food. when it get's to 5:00 pm i'm just like...eh. dinner. nothing sounds good. 

so, sometimes we have protein pancakes. sometimes i make tacos. on occasion i'll whip up eggs and toast. and of course - chicken nuggets or a casserole from costco are always on a consistent rotation. 

i've gained eight pounds. with sawyer my total weight gain was 19 pounds (she was 6lb 3oz) and with kaye my gain was 22 pounds (she was 7lb 14oz). kaye was also nearly two weeks overdue. super fun.

maybe it'll be right around that mark. maybe it'll be more. ultimately, what i do know, is staying active through the first two pregnancies probably helped my recovery AND my mental state. i'm going to stick with the same plan of attack.
SYMPTOMS | so very very laughable. heartburn? hell yes. heartburn? you know it. heartburn? i can feel it radiating through my teeth. seriously. 

this was my one and only symptom with the other two gals, so could this one be a gal too?! 

SIZE OF BABY | this little muff is the size of a cauliflower. yum. 13.5 inches and 1.5 pounds. so does that mean the baby has gained 1.5 pounds and i've only gained 6.5? boom - thanks baby.

SLEEP | lord help me. but...as i remember with my two gals, sleep will come once the baby is born. i know it's supposed to be less sleep when the baby is born, what with waking to nurse and all that...but i remember it not being so bad. not so bad at all.

HAIR | the hair saga continues - true to pregnancy-form my hair is breaking off in all sorts of a fuss. when i'm pregnant my hair gets terribly dry. dry and apparently extremely brittle. then it just breaks right off, but only on the right side of my head. it's the strangest thing and makes styling difficult. 

bonus - it only took two years for my hair to recover after sawyer was born, so...oh wait. that sucks.
PURCHASES | at first i was like...ooo...i don't even need to buy anything. now i'm like...buy all the things! i just cleaned out the babe-closet, did all the touch up painting, wiped down all the walls, ledges, doors, etc. 

now i'm ready for my purchases to start arriving - organization baskets for the changing table, artwork, rug...and i have my eyeballs on a few other goodies as well.

CRIES THIS WEEK | with kaye i cried multiple times a week while i was pregnant. the cause - always my farmer. 

with sawyer - i cried next to not at all. 

and with this one - no tears! the girls have sucked all emotion from my cold dark heart and now i'm just cynical. a real sweetheart to be around.

i do find myself quick to frustration and anger. especially when i feel like i'm not being listened to (eh-hum - kaye, sawyer, farmer...they all do a great job of tuning me out). but...patience. 

okay, that wraps that up. yay. i'll be back next week with NOT a bumpdate...but rather a gender reveal. if you haven't casted your vote...feel free to get after that in the top right corner!