okay okay! let's talk about vacationing in my very most favorite idaho location - mccall. it is the sweetest, quaintest, most beautiful little location. it has everything for the winter...and everything for the summer...not to mention we found our new go-to for home vacation rentals - The Bungalow at Blackhawk!

summer - biking, hiking, camping, boating, kayaking, rafting, waterskiing, canoeing. sports not your thing? how about the farmer's market, or shops browsing, or ice cream at the hidden ice cream alley? you can have sushi on the balcony overlooking the lake or you can enjoy a world-class dinner...almost in the lake. oh! and i nearly forgot to mention the music festivals that occur during the summer at the local ski resort! i mean - recalling all the summer delights has me all sorts of antsy to get back up there. it's an absolute dream location.

and winter doesn't disappoint either!

winter - skiing...give me all the skiing! especially after the epic snowfall they had this past season. snowshoeing, cross country, snowmobiling, hot springs...oh! the hot springs. i really should do a whole separate post on all the places you can visit to get your soak on. again, if the outdoor sporting isn't quite your thing, get your hands on a home with a fireplace and and epic view of the mountains (there's no shortage of them) and hunker down with a good book. or walk around town during the winter carnival and enjoy the absolutely amazing artwork on display in the form of snow sculptures! you'll also find food vendors, a bonfire, and some serious pedestrian traffic. it's quite the event.

what i'm saying is this. mccall is my favorite. i really wish i didn't have such a love affair going on...sometimes it makes farm-living a little hard. but it makes it all that much sweeter when we take our family trips.

kind of like the family trip we just took for mother's day! now, normally i put on a big brunch out at the farm for family and friends...but that's a lot of work. and what with being all pregnant and tired and just not really feeling like pounding a bunch of champagne (eh-hum...mother's day 2016)...i put together this trip for our family and amy's bunch of boys balanced out the male to female ratio!

i worked with ashely at mccall vacation rentals for our booking of the house. i picked a home large enough that we could bunk up the kids with a nice kitchen that we wouldn't all be on top of each other the entire time. oh...and it had to have a cozy fireplace. so...it was a big win on all fronts.

the house we picked was found in the Blackhawk on the River development (which is where i'd love to build a vacation home one day!)...and it was perfection. quiet / low on traffic, so we didn't have to worry about the kids running around outside. there was a pond just beyond the fire pit...that had it not snowed four inches!! on the night of may 13th...we totally would have taken advantage of and toasted way too many marshmallows...and maybe a hot dog or eleven.

(have i mentioned i've been craving hot dogs this pregnancy? not the fancy kind. just a dog with some mustard, ketchup, and onions. certainly not my typical go-to.) anyway...

on friday we got settled, grocery shopped, and essentially let the kids tire themselves out. the Bungalow at Blackhawk is totally set up for kids because it has toys, twin beds, and aside from the large telescope we hid from the children...is pretty kid-proof. love that. to wind them down we took advantage of the Amazon Prime offered on the big TV in front of the fireplace. the kids watched...the adults chatted...until 2 am. see...30 year olds can still totally be crazy! (minus the alcohol...or bar scene...add sleeping children...)

but what i love is that had we been staying in a hotel - none of that would have been possible. house rentals for vacation is where it's at.

the next morning we cooked up breakfast and all sat around the big table drinking coffee and watching amy's one year old eat more food than all the kids combined.

next on the agenda - a workout and spa day for the moms! amy and i popped over to the Blackhawk Lodge (five minute walk)...to take advantage of the glorious gym area! it was completely empty so it was like having a private gym. love that - because i can't think of too many people that would want to see a pregnant gal turn purple trying to run out three miles.

after we got our sweat on we headed to Shore Lodge to visit their in-house spa, The Cove. we each got a glorious massage...and i can honestly say it was the best massage i've ever had...or maybe i just needed one that badly? regardless, it was just what the mother's day doctor ordered. and just to quickly brag...this is where you soak as you wait to be called back for your treatment...all i have to say is i was so glad we arrived an hour early. they'll even bring you food and drink right to the soaking pool.

to round out our mini spa day we snagged some pizza for everyone for dinner and brought it back to the The Bungalow...because taking five kids out to dinner didn't seem like a super fun idea after a day of relaxing.

work out - massage - soaking - pizza - playing - relaxing - ice cream...just about the most ideal mother's day ever. not to mention all the sweet kisses i received from my two best gal's when we got home.

sunday (actual mother's day) consisted of a late start to the day. the kids played in the snow until it melted off in the 50ยบ temps. we rallied the troops and went out for lunch at the salmon river brewery, walked around town and thought about going ice skating...and then realized the parent to kid ratio + one pregnant gal did not an ice skating adventure make, so we opted for a walk by the lake and then...more ice cream. because...vacation.

to work off the ice cream we headed back to The Bungalow and popped over to the lodge for some hot tub time. that hot tub does not disappoint for young and old alike...and even a little daddy / daughter love affair. these two...they have all the heart eyes for each other.

because of farm and work obligations we headed back down the mountain on sunday evening, but it really was the most perfect little getaway for mother's day. you know you've had a great, little vacation when the kids are exhausted and the parents feel refreshed.

if you're headed to idaho for all it's glorious offerings, i can't recommend a getaway to mccall more. if you have any questions on activities, places to stay, general information - i'm so happy to help! and let me just plug The Bungalow about 27 more times...it's been by far our best vacation rental to date. not a thing was missing or an "oh! i wish the house had this..." situation. it was perfect.

don't hesitate to get in touch with ashely from mccall idaho vacation rentals to book your next vacation!