What was your breastfeeding experience like? Mine? Less than desirable. 

Boobs certainly aren't my issue as I've always been more than well set up in the boob department. As in, when puberty hit for me one tragic summer I went from nada to a whole lotta somethin'. I was even accused of stuffing my bra once we went back to school.

I was like - "Girlfriend...pa-lease...I wish these on no one."

Now that I'm in my third pregnancy and prepping to get my nursing sessions on for baby #3 I will say finding great bras for my girls (my boobs) was priority number one...or at least high on the list.

Luckily in all my internet browsing when I was pregnant with Sawyer I found a phenomenal brand called Cake Maternity. When I visited their website I loved what I was seeing - a variety of sizing and styles to fit all shapes...and I have an awkward shape. Small-ish ribcage...big, huge tas. Not all bra makers make 32 E. Yeahhhhh...I said E.

When you get to a size E your farmer starts looking at you in less of a "me likey" way and more of an "i'm scared" way. I understand...even I'm intimidated.

So anyway, when I was pregnant with Sawyer I purchased three products from Cake Maternity -

Seamless Sleep & Yoga Nursing Bra - I bought two and basically lived in them.

Shaping Seamless Nursing Tank - I also feel like I lived in this tank. It was totally supportive enough to wear throughout the day...where as other box store versions just didn't do the job.

Croissant Underwire Nursing Bra

I loved them all...And I know I'll be loving them all for my final round in just a few months.

I decided I couldn't keep this brand to myself (even though they are sold lots of places, including Nordstrom)...I just had to reiterate just how great this brand really is! I contacted Cake Maternity and asked if I could promote some of their products for them because I so appreciate a great quality brand that cares as much about the comfort and ease of nursing and my girls as I do.

They sent me a couple of products that I've already been utilizing (because, why not?!) and I have to say...Cake Maternity just doesn't disappoint.

Waffles 3D Underwire Spacer Contour Nursing Bra - I love the underwire for the support and I love that you can arrange the straps in the back for multiple styles of clothing (crisscross, regular). It's also so so pretty and flattering and looks great under tops. Oh! And the snaps for easy access are super easy. Love that.

One note - If this is your first time nursing, wait to buy an underwire bra so you know the size you'll be working with. Your milk will come in and your boobs will go crazy. But after a bit the milk will regulate and you'll have a better idea of the size of underwire bra you'll need.

Shaping Nursing Tank - I also snagged another nursing tank because I really really love the way they look under clothing. The tank smooths everything out and supports without having to add on additional layers - Like wearing a tank AND a bra. No thanks.

The fabric of the tank is thick but still breathable (which is great because I run hot).

To put an end cap on boobs and nursing - I'm passionate about making my nursing experience as easy and comfortable as possible. To say my nursing journey was a smooth start is anything but accurate. You can read all about that here and here - and then when I wrote about it for The Breastfeeding Diaries. Prepare yourself...ugh.

I also strongly encourage you to browse around Cake Maternity. They have something for everyone's nursing journey. Their products are incredible and I fully intend on stocking up on a few more goodies before baby arrives. You can also find them on social media

And be sure to pop back here in the next day or two - I may be posting the sweetest, little video - how we found out the gender of baby #3!

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