need three fun gender reveal ideas!? this post is for you!
good morning! i'm feeling all sorts of ridiculous today because the day to share the gender of baby #3 has FINALLY arrived.

i had a little survey in the right hand, top corner to cast your vote...and the votes are IN!

57% of you are really pulling for that future farmer for my farmer. i mean...with two gals, he's quite out numbered as things sit!

and then  42% of you scoffed and said - "uh yeah right. you're only having girls."

or you could be like amy and hope we have a girl because as she put it, "home school prom is going to be super awkward if you have a boy." (this is funny because she has her three handsome boys...and if our baby #3 isn't a girl, poor bennett isn't going to have a dance partner.)

let me give you some background - when my farmer and i first decided it would be a fun idea to get our baby-making started he reminded me that we were destined to have girls. girls was the word - he just knew it. he knew it because he felt like he had some bad karma from his dating days. he knew he was going to be put through the same agony all dads feel when they watch their daughters navigate the dating pool.

i gladly accepted my "all girls" fate - i grew up with two sisters! and now both of my sisters each have a daughter...girls are just how we do it and what i know.

so when people would ask what baby #3 was i confidently said - girl. duh. it's a girl. of course it's a girl. everyone knows we only do girls.

when i had my first ultrasound at 12 weeks i triiiiiied to get our tech to tell me it was a girl. (she wouldn't.) all she would say was that some sort of something was running horizontal and blah blah medical term, medical term - basically if this thing she was talking about was running horizontal it was a girl and vertical meant boy. so...GIRL, right?! an ultrasound tech at 12 weeks says girl...its'a girl.

then i had a dream it was a girl. i had dreams with both kaye and sawyer that they were girls, so reaffirmed...girl.

theeeeennnnnn as the weeks passed by and our 20 week appointment approached i started having terrible anxiety - all over the gender of this third baby. i was just absolutely and literally sick to my stomach at the thought that i could be wrong. i could have a tiny penis growing in my belly and what the eff was i going to do with a boy?

on the day of the ultrasound i was sweating and my stomach was in knots and it was all i could do to keep my mind off of everything. luckily my farmer was going with were the gals, so the distractions were welcomed.

before we headed into town for the big moment i had decided to whip up a card for the ultrasound tech to write on telling us - boy or girl.

i had to make the card simple with an icon of a pink bow for a girl and a truck for a boy...because kaye would be revealing to us the gender of baby #3! (and she can't read, so...icons were the way to go.)

so...what do we think? boy or girl?!

we went to a local, favorite restaurant, had a seat, and let kaye spill the beans...

i'll absolutely adore and treasure this video forever. i can't get enough of the excitement in kaye's voice. the look on my farmer's face is priceless. he knew it was coming, but i think he also aged 15 years in that exact moment, and sawyer. sawyer in typical sawyer fashion, rocking her shades and really only caring about when these people she has to sit with were going to stop making such an embarrassing fuss.

so, farm girl #3 will be joining us sometime the first week of september. it feels far away, but still right around the corner. in reality, i know it'll be here sooner than i think - really just a blink of an eye. especially with kaye and sawyer keeping me going going going all the time. i will say - it's nice to say, "mommy just needs to sit down and rest for a minute (or 30) - baby is making me tired." i get several free passes to do so each day.

if you're looking for really just about the easiest gender reveal idea, all you need to do is print this 5x7 card and take it with you to the appointment. simple as that!

pin me for future use!

or, are you looking for other gender reveal ideas?

i kind of went all out with sawyer and DIY'd some gender reveal cupcakes, which you can see here.

with sawyer i also did a photo session with amy so i could share our big news on the blog with a balloon pop.