all the good mornings and happy friday's and all that.

and here we are. summer break for oh hey, friday! i think it's high-time...considering there have been over 150 of them in a row. that's...a lot of friday's.

also...amy and i were talking about it last night - since her only blogging day was friday...and then i'm having this third baby and all...maybe our days of blogging are extremely numbered?

who. knows? for those who you ever wonder when it's time to throw in the towel?

for me, it's kind of like i have to keep going because i did all those monthly updates and photoshoots for kaye and sawyer each month...and can't leave this little turkey behind! they would feel totally left out! or would they?

speaking of feeling left out...don't forget to cast your vote for the gender! so far it's looking like we are supposed to have a mini farmer on our hands! (at least according to the poll...)

okay - it's business time...

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1 | monday mama - something i want to keep going
hey hey! so...i started this little series every monday and then life got really busy and i stopped reaching out to moms i wanted to feature. low and behold, i have zero moms lined up for this monday or the next or the next.

so...whoops. might have a little monday break this week, but i'll get my act together for the next. promise. and in the meantime - if you are a mama or know of a mama who owns / started their very own business and they want to be featured...i'd just love that!

2 | oh hey, vacation!
today my two best gals and i are headed right on up to our very most favorite place - mccall! we love getting away. amy and her boys are also driving up and we plan on being there well into monday. our two farmers will be driving up later because...farming. but we're just so grateful they can even make it, because...farming. oh...and did i mention amy and i will be enjoying a little spa day in celebration of mother's day? hey hey spoiled!
the past few years i've thrown mother's day celebrations here on the farm, but this year i just...i just didn't have it in me. work, pregnant, excuse, excuse. those parties are a lot of work! plus i would have had to make sure my house was clean...and who has time for that? but you can see past parties here and here and here. holy cow - blast from the past. i can't even believe how little my two mother's day muffins were last year...or the year before...or the year before!!! since there's no party - if you want to see some fun happenings this weekend, be sure to watch the instagram stories!

3 | that mom at swim class

did i already talk about this? i feel like i have because...i don't know whey? anyway, a few weeks ago at swim class a mom who has a daughter in kaye's class stopped me and said, "your daughter is crazy. i'm always afraid she's going to drown."

i was like...mkkkkkk. no response. blank stare fro me, because i don't even know what she's trying to tell me. i think i said, "yeah, she's wild!" (thanks annoying lady.)
fast forward to this week and class and kaye told me afterwards that her coach told her she was acting crazy. well, i put two and two together and was like...bah! kaye - sweetheart, you can't act crazy. you have to be a good listener. we have to learn to swim so we can have a great summer. being a good listener shows mommy you're ready for school and blah blah blah...

kaye felt terrible and said, "okay, mommy." and that was the end of that...
then i got an e-mail the next morning from her swimming coach saying a different time opened up and she wanted to know if we wanted it? ummm...yes! we want it! and by the way - what can i do to make sure kaye's being a good listener and not distracting the other kids?

the coach immediately e-mailed me back and said kaye was not crazy and she's doing really well, she just had a "wiggly body" in the water this week. she's a great listener and she's not distracting other kids.
i pulled kaye aside that morning and told her that the coach loved having her in class and that coach didn't mean she was acting crazy, she just had a wiggly body. i told kaye i was proud of her for being a good listener and for doing so well in class. we both felt better after that convo. 
but that brings me back to that mom. apparently i can't get over it - where did she get off seeking me out, pulling me aside, and telling me that my daughter is going to drown? people are nuts...

4 | did you see how we broke into a house this week?
so...the farmer and i have a rental property in boise (my farmer's first house after college) that we've decided to do a quick quick flip on and then get it on the market. well, work has begun and while we were in town for swimming lessons the girls and i stopped for a smoothie and then headed over to the property - except i forgot the key. hey idiot. i felt so dumb. so...with my glass half full i though, we'll just photograph the exterior and look around at the work that's been done on the yard. well, when we got to the back i remembered there was a dog door! yay! with a board over it. damn. what did i do? i kicked it in. badass. then, i sent kaye through (and sawyer followed). kaye couldn't figure out the lock on the sliding glass door, but she totally figured out the deadbolt on the front door...and just like that - we got into the house. our realtor texted me and said, "breaking and entering is a skill best learned young." i could not agree more.
5 | weekly photo dump
i just can't even with this girl. this was alllllll her. where did she get those sunglasses?

happiest mother's day weekend!