sometimes a currently post is just what a blog needs. you summarize and catch up and tie everything with a pretty bow.

plus everything around here has been just a little more than a little random, so this will be good to get the thoughts down on some proverbial paper...


i'm totally wishing...i was still in bed. but lately i've been waking at 4 am and i can't go back to sleep for hour. then when i do fall asleep i can only sleep for a little longer. this leads to be usually falling asleep around 8:30 pm on the couch drooling on my farmer's arm. pregnancy - so hot these days.

sawyer...wakes up so. damn. early. girlfriend ran an absolute muck yesterday with having friends over AND she was up late. she was still up at 6 am. luckily, this morning, she didn't wake kaye up, but rather snuck out of their shared bedroom. usually she yells at kaye until kaye agrees to get out of bed. have i mentioned kaye can be a real saint?

kaye...can be the best and the worst. it must be the age. i swear 50% of the time her ears don't work. as in...she completely blocks my voice. she just doesn't listen! we would have the most magical relationship (because she is beyond magical) if she would just pause...and listen. is anyone else having this issue with their 4 / 5 year old? sheesh...i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall.

sipping on...some glorious coffee. since we live so so very far away from a coffee shop i treat myself and buy starbucks to brew at home. and every morning it makes me so happy. although, yesterday i did wish i was sipping champagne. and by sipping i mean chugging. after mowing the lawn it just seemed like the right thing to do. 11 more weeks... you know was father's day. my farmer. he had ONE request. and that one request was to go shoot one of his guns. i fully approved! i also had plans to shoot off some fireworks and get our new fire pit some action. NONE of those things happened. worst father's day ever. instead my farmer was commissioned to level some ground for our new fire pit patio and then move the incredibly heavy rock and then do some light farming...i'm not sure it was the father's day of his dreams.

did i mention...i mowed the lawn yesterday? i insist on mowing the lawn because i feel like i get a good workout. it takes about two hours and we have a little hill i have to push our mower up. i enjoy the whole thing until...i see a snake. yes people - i saw ANOTHER snake. and it was a big one at about five feet. it was slithering, quickly, about 15 feet in front of the mower as i crested that little hill. my farmer was down below moving the rock patio around so i went screaming down the hill about this snake that he needed to kill. guess what he did? NOTHING. he couldn't have moved slower. i was like, "move your booty. faster faster faster! it's getting AWAY!" i'm pretty sure he moved slower. needless to say, the snake slithered right into the trees at the edge of our yard and then probably down a hole or whatever. i was so annoyed. now i farmer is NOT the snake-killer in our household. it's me. i'm the badass.

realizing...i have 11 weeks of pregnancy left. ummm...that seems like a lot of time but then it's not. i know it's going to go by in a flash. this means i should probably work on getting the rest of the baby room together and...i don't know what? i mean...what else will i need? i have had the two, so i'm probably pretty set. my poor sister (who just had baby girl #2) is giving back all the clothes we loaned them for their first daughter. that means that some of clothing our third will wear will have already been through four baby girls. that, to me, is just hilarious. how do we have so many gals in our family...and no boys. no boys allowed...apparently.

speaking of my sister...they are coming with that new babe at the end of july! after a few days on the farm we'll be headed up to mccall. i'll be as big as a house, but it should be the very best time. i can't wait to see their new best gal...and of course the rest of them. switching gears...

watching...two things. did you see Orange is the New Black just released their newest season on Netflix? love love. also...i'm rewatching Game of Thrones. i couldn't help myself. their new and final season comes out in a few weeks and i'll be making lots of popcorn and spending lots of time on the couch.

watching on...did i tell anyone we got rid of Direct TV and purchased an Amazon Fire box? best. move. ever! i farmer misses having easy access to random shows on ESPN, but i'm sure there's a way around this. like a good app we could pay for? even if we download several apps we'll still be paying about $100 less per month. love that.

wait a minute...back to that new baby joining us in 11 weeks. can you all seriously share with me your favorite baby item? not the necessities. the splurges. we have the car seat. we have the ergo 360. we have the breast pump. we have all those things on lock. what i'm looking for is the cutest swaddles. or the cutest bringing home baby outfit. or the best shop for crib sheets. things like that...

the naming game...that brings me to naming this third baby girl. i have a list of about 20 names. none of them are sticking. can you help us? it's so hard! some of you have had great suggestions...but keep them coming. baby girl #3 - what's her name going to be? the middle name will be Bell...just like the other gals. and for those of you wondering - Bell is my maiden name.

happy happy monday! the weather out here on the farm promises to be hot and only slightly windy, so maybe a random firework / fire pit night will happen soon after all!