If you're looking for a summer shoe for your little lady (or not so lady-like lady)...look no further! Freshly Picked sandals are the best!

So, I have these two daughters. You know who I'm talking about. The gals I haul around with me and pretend they are little ladies...but really they are wild, wild animals disguised in dresses. Yes...Those gals.

I'm talking - the little girl who usually has some sort of food on her face. And the older girl who embraces her ratty curls harder than anyone I've ever seen. Yes...Those gals.

Friends, this is totally appropriate, what with our farm-living lifestyle and all. But also completely foreign to me considering I'm the mom of these two tomboys who can't stand the feeling of smooth concrete under her bare feet. I'm just a little on the other side of the scale from my two best gals.

But guess what has been discovered? A shoe we're both more than a little obsessed with. Did you know Freshly Picked makes hard-sole Sandals (starting at a size 3)? They do! They have the most darling little t-strap on the market and we can't get enough of them.

Running? Yes. Digging in the dirt? Yes. Playground hopping? Yes. Kaye can put them on by herself because the buckle is kid and mom-friends...YES!

You know those infuriating tiny buckles on tiny sandals that have the tiny post you have to stick through the tiny hole (that sometimes isn't punched out)...all while attempting to keep this tiny sandal on your kid's tiny foot?

Oh good - I'm not alone.

The Freshly Picked Sandals eliminated the tiny hole / post / sweat-inducing wrestling process. Now it's just a simple reverse weave. You just take the end-strap and go in and out and it's on. Seriously...Kaye can do it in two seconds (faster than me) and she's proud every single time.

The other very best part is the overall quality of the Freshly Picked Sandal. Seriously. I can't say it enough times. It's totally sturdy. The leather on the upper is soft so I don't have to worry about it rubbing and giving my best gal's tiny tootsies any blisters. AND, the sole of the shoe is thick and durable, which means it's going to stay looking nice, not frayed...like other sandals out there...eh-hum.

I never put my daughters in the Freshly Picked Moccasins (which is a totally head-scratcher to me now), but I can't tell you how thrilled it makes me knowing that I have a large pair of the sandals to pass down to Sawyer, and then two pairs of sandals that get to pass down to our littlest gal (due in September)...granted, she'll have to wait a few seasons. But, she does have a pair of the Moccasins waiting for her, and I know I'll be just as big of a fan. They are so cute...but most importantly, it's clear they are going to make life easier.

Which brings me to - dirty summer toes. When we snagged our darling Sandals I knew a fun activity would be to get the girl's feet "summer ready." I always feel better after a little pedicure, so why wouldn't they?

We washed, scrubbed, lotioned, clipped, and filed their sweet feet and toes until they were looking about 200% better. (Seriously - how did their feet get so dirty? I guess it's their ability to walk barefoot on jagged rocks? Farm tough. Or maybe it's the barefoot tree climbing?)

Next, they got to pick out their preferred color to paint their toenails, which happened to be the sweetest pink. Surprisingly, Sawyer sat completely statuesque the entire time and I was able to get two coats on...and then she helped me blow on them until they were dry enough to slip on her new Freshly Picked Sandals.

We repeated the process with Kaye - and just like that, we had summer-ready feet.

Then, with my best gals looking as sweet as are...I remembered I wanted to snag some updated photos to frame above their beds. So, naturally I threw them in matching dresses and we headed out to scout the perfect photo-opp location on the farm.

Farm-living makes for plentiful photo backdrops...I will say that.

Approximately seven minutes later we were done with our shoot and the girls wanted to go see their farmer.

About two hours later, as to be expected, my gals were filthy and disheveled...and their toes were looking pretty beat up. But guess what was still strapped to their feet, completely comfy and looking flawless? The Sandals! Not one complaint. Not one request to remove shoes. Excuse me while I go snag myself all the colors. (Especially the platinum color that needs to not be sold out!)

I love sharing products that I truly truly love...and these Sandals really are the best!

(Please note, these run exactly true-to-size. Kaye and Sawyer both wear 11's and 6's in their running shoes, and the Freshly Picked Sandals sizes fit perfectly!)