let's just jump into the most important things first. do we all know what premiered last night? Game of Thrones...and if you haven't jumped on this wagon yet...i so very strongly encourage you to do so. it's such a fun story. and by fun...i mean...great storytelling. totally enthralling. and i would say i'm not even really into this kind of style, and i still love it. so, you should love it too. anyway, season seven premiered last night and i think it's safe to say we all know what i'll be doing with my sunday nights for the next few months.

but, aside from that, the gals and i have been keeping busy while our farmer buckles down and works...as much as we try to distract him. but...we have a fun few weeks ahead of us with family visitors and a few weddings, so we'll let him get busy so he can play guilt-free.

last week i had all sorts of boise errands to run. normally on these days i get so exhausted the idea of taking the gals to anywhere specifically for them is just...out of the question. but i sucked it up and we visited the Discovery Center...and it certainly didn't disappoint. the girls were enthralled and kaye kept asking me..."is that real?" and "how about that one? is that one real?"

i found myself struggling to explain models and casts of real things...but i think she mostly grasped the concept...but was still leery. i don't blame her. oceans totally freak me out. (true story. they didn't used to, not until i went snorkeling in hawaii a few years ago. we were dropped off in the middle of the ocean and i realized we were at the mercy of...everything near us. under water i couldn't hear anything. i had zero protection. i didn't like it. and now i'm scared of the ocean. there...i said it.

anyway...there were tons of sharks and hands on goodies and a cage and it was awesome. kaye's been begging to go back every day ever since. oh! and i'm shocked at the knowledge she retained. she came home that night and told our farmer that lots and lots of sharks are being killed for their fins and it's hurting our ecosystem. ummm...she forgets the number seven every time she counts, but can share fun bits of info about the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

side note - there were three other moms i saw with new baby girls on this particular outing. all moms of three girls! i saw it as the world's way of saying - you're going to be okay. you can do it. thanks world.

we've also been working ever so slightly on moving the girls from one room downstairs to the other room we lovingly call the treadmill room. it's much bigger and they'll just like it more. it'll be great. the only problem is i'm kind of winging it on the decor plan. i was like...white and pink walls? sure, kaye! and then i just started painting. hope we don't hate it when all is said and done. for now...here's a super awesome before. please note i moved that mattress on my own...and mattresses are suuuuuper heavy. i certainly don't envy my farmer (and whoever else) who has to move the 500+ pound treadmill. that sucks.

and then over on the gram...that's instagram...i've been doing different bits and bobs to the nursery and i think it's safe to say it's nearly complete! (praise jesus hands.) i've been working with several different companies to pull it together and i can't wait to share! apparently it took me having three gals to finally girl-ify a room.

stay tuned...i may have a second blog post this week. a bumpdate! (i had a fellow blogger on instagram ask me if i was still pregnant. the answer is yes...seven more weeks to go. lord help my farmer and my gals with these vicious mood swings...)