fall...does it get better than fall? and i don't even like pumpkin spice lattes. what do i like? cooler weather. first days of school, birthday celebrations (x5 - my farmer, me, elli all in september. and sawyer and kaye in october.)...and of course, harvest, which means farm season is coming to a slow-down. (i say slow-down because it's never really over.)
and pumpkin patches. we've made it to two pumpkin patches so far this fall season...so we can mark that off the list. (even though i'm sure we'll be making it at least a few more times. we're lucky we can do this so easily...living in a rural (extremely rural) area means there are farms full of corn and pumpkins aplenty. the one we frequent has a pumpkin patch, hay rides, a corn maze, bins of corn for the kids to dig in, and a giant pyramid of death to climb. 
girl-dadding so hard
(seriously...it's a pyramid of straw bales that you know kids can't stay off of and you end up scrambling around forty feet in the air trying to keep your three year old from either falling between the bales or plummeting to the ground. 
pumpkin patches - so fun. but i mean...if it's rural...you can get away with stuff like that, right? 
naturally, at this pumpkin patch, we met up with amy and her boys (like we do every year because it sits between our two farms). the farmers chatted endlessly about farm things and kaye made heart eyes at brody. sawyer had a brief love affair with a super old tractor. and...elli didn't make a peep until she decided she was starving. at which point i went to the car and fed her...and ate a bunch of cookies i found. that's a win.
our second pumpkin patch was a solo outing for a school field trip with the gals' school. it was a little organic pumpkin patch and everyone got to pick out their pumpkins. i was strapping elli into the ergo when a wise wise mom suggested brining my stroller so i could carry the baby AND the pumpkins. work smarter not harder. duh! 
unfortunately, this also meant kaye took the liberty of loading all the cute! pumpkins she could find. we were told small pumpkins were $2 and medium sized pumpkins were $3. from what i saw in the stroller...i was looking at a pretty heft bill. luckily...the kind farmer took one look at me with my three gals and basically let us steal our fall decor. farmers - the tenderest of hearts. 
we snapped the obligatory pumpkin photos, grabbed our pumpkins and i was officially tired. i mean...overall the outing wasn't tiring, but getting limited sleep, wrangling three kids into clothing, making breakfast, loading and unloading...that is the tiring stuff.
and while we're talking about momming of three - i do think i've had it pretty easy. kaye is such a sweetheart. sawyer has actually taken a turn for the better (thank god...we were about to send her back). and elli...elli at four weeks old is sleepy and relaxed.
overall - these two have made the transition to three pretty easy-ish. and it totally helps that they are so cute, funny, and like to make fun of my fall hats.