i don't know what was going on. i'm just not the emotional / sensitive type, but i was feeling the love yesterday. all that gushy-mushy, smothery love. it was my children. they were being absolutely delightful, extremely agreeable, polite, and cuddly. i couldn't get enough of them. i was sad to send them to school and i was super excited to pick them up.

it started in the morning. i didn't make them anything heart shaped for breakfast. in fact...they had almond butter toast and a banana.

kaye didn't cry when i brushed her hair out and she didn't throw me shade when i asked if i could braid it and put a bow in.

there was no fight over which shoes they were going to wear. where's my boot! i want sparkle shoes! no kaye, you can't wear sandals.

and dare i say - sawyer was even super jazzed to go to school! (every day she says she doesn't want to go...and every time we pick her up she looks like she's having the best day of her life.)

they posed for a picture for me in 30┬║ weather. to get them to pose for a picture for me in ideal weather is a long shot...so to have them willingly smile was a real...i don't know what. i was shocked. i also managed to snag a quick photo of sawyer and her very best gal pal in her class. let's keep in mind that sawyer is very averaged height and her friend, scarlet, is quite tall. aren't they just the cutest?

after school drop off, elli and i had a relaxed day. we popped over to see our farmer and forced him to pose for pictures and take some pictures of my gal and me. he was definitely most excited to get a picture of his fertilizer spreader. boys and their machines?

we played, she napped, i worked. and guess what i didn't do? i didn't do the dishes or clean the kitchen or organize a closet or do five loads of laundry. it was delightful.

i also snapped a picture of her in the same outfit as what her sisters wore for their first valentine's day. kaye is on the top right and sawyer on the bottom right. looking at them side by side i'd say sawyer and kaye look similar, but elli is kind of out there on her own. we've definitely heard it the most that kaye and sawyer resemble our farmer and elli looks more like me.

ps. can we talk about elli's ears? aren't they the sweetest. they stick out just so. i die.

when it was time to snag the gals from school we picked up our farmer and headed to boise for a quick farm-errand. and while we were there...why not head to a valentine's day dinner, right? and as it turns out, when you eat a valentine's day dinner at 4 pm...you don't need a reservation, it's happy hour, and you get great service. such a big win in my book. (however, my farmer and i did discuss that next year...next year is the year to sneak away from our children more often.)

when we made it home the girls got ready for bed and i read them their books. or should i say, i read one book and sawyer read us the other. she literally told us what was happening on each page and showed us the pictures. it was a moment of pure cuteness and sweetness and gave me hope for our future with that girl.

we gave a million kisses goodnight and talked about how excited we are for easter. egg dying, egg hunting, easter baskets, easter dresses...the whole bit! sorry valentine's day...you're out. the bunny - he's in.