i threw a quick party for valentine's day for my girls and their friends...i'm probably still feeling guilty from not throwing them a birthday party...but in my defense, i had just had elli. i couldn't wrap my brain around the importance of party planning.

so...a valentine's day party it was!

at first i had grand ideas of having little heart shaped sandwiches and heart candies and heart projects and crafts and...really just have a heart explosion all up in here...up in here. but then i thought, "ummm...i want to enjoy the party too." so, we ended up with chili (everyone knows chili is the most romantic meal) and dessert.

our guests arrived and the "big kids" immediately banished themselves to the basement and we didn't see them again until they started getting hungry. the adults enjoyed the upstairs where we chatted of important things like...penis molds.

seriously...did you know this is a thing? i mean...i guess i always knew it was a thing, but i didn't know it was a thing thing. like...a popular thing if your main squeeze is going over seas or something? i say it with a question mark because i'm still not entirely sure. but it goes by names of clone-a-willy  and penis mate. i know...i know. i was as shocked as you are!

what i'm saying is this - a valentine's day party is always a hit if at some point in time you talk penis.
as the evening wore on, the kids got hungry. they must have worked up quite the appetite because i didn't hear one kid complain that they didn't like dinner. and let's be real...one of my girls is always bound to let me how she doesn't like this or that. 

but, the chili disappeared and cookies and cupcakes were consumed. there was minimal crying and i don't remember any kid-arguments. it was great - we didn't even need any valentine craftsy-whosy-whatsy to entertain anyone.

i did, however, buy more confetti for decor. i know, i know. i'm insane. but those little tissue hearts were just so damn cute.

it was such a fun night with friends. easter is right around the corner and it's not confirmed, but i'll definitely be pressuring amy into inviting us all to their place for yet another year of competitive easter egg hunting. holidays really are made better by kids.