a very unintentional two week hiatus was taken. i think this three kids is hard thing hit me...finally. as it turns, elli really does have a voice, opinion, preference, etc. oh...and she reaches for me every chance she gets. oh...and she prefers to stand all. the. time. so she's at high-risk for injury...considering she's seven months old and can't walk. this means i can't really plop her on the floor surrounded by her most beloved toys...anymore. she insists on standing (aka - leaning) against anything that will hold her weight.

friends - life is running me a little ragged, and here's why :

1. one fun piece that's been occupying my spare moments is my farmer and i have been working on a branding project together. or rather, he introduced me to a company (farm related) and they needed new branding...enter karli. we're finishing up the last few pieces and then it'll be fun to share a final brand reveal, as well as the huge project that's going to go down on the farm.

2. elli cut two teeth...and has two more on the way.

okay, so kaye was just pretty much an asshole baby all the time. she was fussy. she didn't nap. she wanted held constantly. she also did that stand above all things thing. kaye was hard. however, i had no clue when at three months she was getting teeth. why? because she was already moody and irritable, so nothing changed, i assume.

sawyer was so sweet that when she finally cut her first teeth, we definitely knew...and i think that was the beginning of the end for her.

and elli. my sweet elli girl. i think she's just in pain and is growing up and and and excuse me while i go into fetal position. because friends - she's almost grown out of her 6 - 12 month clothing and may as well be getting her wisdom teeth.

3. fire pit! confession : we gifted a fire pit to my farmer last year for father's day and never used it one single time for almost a year. it's either been too windy, too cold, or a variable of a million different excuses (#1 being how tired mommy is at night). but yesterday morning i had the bright idea - let's use the fire pit in the morning! ummm...obviously! when camping you totally have fires in the morning. and marshmallows are okay in the morning because it's like having hot coco, minus the hot coco. yeah.

4. farming. i love to love you and i love to hate you. you are a thief. it's in full swing and we're in something my farmer calls "crunch time"...and he assures me it's going to slow down as soon as the water is up and running. we shall see. he keeps telling me to get off the farm. go on a trip with the girls...and i totally want to, but i'm scared. i just picture me by myself with three girls either trying to navigate an airport or road-tripping to california to see my sister and it just seems like i'm asking for a horrendous amount of stress and whining and and...maybe i should wait until elli is just a touch older.

5. on thursdays the girls and i have our "big day" in the big city. and really this constitutes driving the hour to town, gymnastics, an errand, the store, and then something fun for the girls. this past week we went to the discovery center and it was the first time we didn't spend the majority of our time in the toddler area. kaye and sawyer actually spent time at the experiments that interested them, sawyer didn't wine, there was so much going on elli was content. it was the perfect outing and i'm wondering if it's something we can go ahead and repeat next week and then for the foreseeable future?

actually - this week we are supppppooooosed to see 75+ in the temperatures, so we may log some zoo / park / greenbelt time followed by some lunching al fresco.

okay friends - here's to surviving another busy week.

quick question - should i suck it up and road trip with all three gals? you can simply comment : go for it! or you're cray.