our farm is more than in full swing. with all the warm weather (hey 80 degrees!), fields are green and my farmer has been pacing and itching and more than a little agitated when mentioning the status of his corn seed. he wanted / wants that corn seed in the ground ASAP. i want it in the ground because that's all i've been hearing about for over a month :
i just have to get the tractor all put together and the GPS set up and then i'll be MIA for a couple of weeks.

this is what i've been hearing. 

and i get it. he's trying a new process this year. instead of the tractor making two passes over our fields with first the strip-till and then the planter he's opted to pull both the till and the planter behind the tractor at the same time...essentially cutting the time in half? i think? 
but still. i'm so ready for it to be done because single-momming is hard. let me say - women who are single mothers are unbelievable. just goddesses. women who's husbands deploy or have to travel for weeks on end for work...you are goddesses, too. and with mother's day right around the corner...let's just put it out there that moms in general are pretty amazing. the work we do day in and day out to ensure we're raising non-a-hole children...it's pretty special.

to make my long rant longer - while my farmer has been planting, the girls and i have tried to stay so so busy.
on tuesdays they go to school. on wednesdays they go to school and then gymnastics...then i typically take them to dinner since we're in the big city and won't be home until 8-ish. on thursday we head back to boise for another round of gymnastics and then all the errands i've been putting off - costco, returns, home depot, etc. throw in another restaurant meal as well as an educational field trip (zoo / discovery center / aquarium) and i'm beyond exhausted. on thursdays we usually get home around 5 pm. 
and as i continue to explain my schedule i also pepper in any campaigns / project management i'm doing for Pollinate Media as well as any logo / graphic design projects i have on my plate...which seems like it has been a lot lately. 

when it rains...it pours. 

so, i'll say it again. i'm so ready for my farmer to be done planting. when he's gone from 5:30 am until after midnight, seven days a week...no. the good news? i think he's halfway done. or maybe that's bad news.

this little entry was supposed to be all about getting out and doing and how we went to the zoo last week...and then i ended up complaining the entire time. glass half full, karli. it's monday.