hey hey fiesta people. are we all gearing up for bottomless margaritas and swimming in a vat of guacamole? this is my idea of the most perfect cinco de mayo celebration.

wellll...you know how i love to get my hands on a printable so i can change out my little frame according to the celebration. and wouldn't you know it...there were next to no cinco de mayo printables...none that i liked any way. so, i made one. one for you...one for me...and now we can all fiesta like there's no maƱana! 

(you can scroll to the bottom for the link to download and print or pin for your next fiesta!)

as per the usual, this little printable is set up so you can print at home on an 8.5x11" paper. then you'll just use the crop marks to trim it down so it fits perfectly in your 8x10" frame. so so easy.

all you have to do is click here to download the printable and you'll be all set!

not quite ready for a fiesta this year? pin for next!