I have two quick Holiday DIY's for you today! Salt Dough Ornaments that are super fast and easy as well as a Letter to Santa template, you just have to print it off!

Last holiday season Elli was only a few months old, but I was feeling extra Pinterest-y. And after decorating our tree with all of my childhood ornaments I knew I wanted my girls to have the same feeling of nostalgia each year they decorated. 
Enter : The sweetest, little salt dough handprint ornaments. I mean, can we talk about her chubby, little fingers?! Mmmm...just delicious. And while I have serious regrets that I didn't do one of these little handprints for Kaye and Sawyer's first Christmases, at least I have one for year three and five. (I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!)

Anyway, click either of the links to take you over to the original Salt Dough Ornament tutorial!
Next up! Letter to Santa printable!
Now hang in there with me on this one. There are lots of steps to follow. 

Step One : Click here
Step Two : Print

That's it! Then you just have to write the little letter to Santa and the magic of Christmas lives on for another year. 

And while we're here talking about all things Christmas - I ran across this image of Kaye and those sweet, short curls! I'm dead. She's newly three in this image and all I can think is - 

1. I cannot believe how much she's changed in three years.
2. Thank God for this blog. I'm clicks away from stories and years of memories.

Read the full post here to see images of Sawyer...back when I called her Sawyer-muff because she was still pretty sweet.
Have a wonderful weekend. I need to start mentally preparing myself for a shopping trip with all three girls to Boise today.