The quickest DIY ornaments you can't mess up! Paint Shaking Ornaments are easy for kids and parents, alike!

Last year I made the sweetest handprint, salt dough ornaments as little keepsakes for our tree. I'm obsessed and can't get over how much my gals have grown in just 12 months. And then this year I wanted to do ornaments together, again, but I was having a hard time finding something they would get excited about. Who am I kidding...they'd be excited about anything. The truth is, I found these paint shaking ornaments on Instagram and they looked easy enough and I knew the girls would enjoy picking out all the paint colors and trimmings.

Since our tree is already packed with ornaments I went with the idea that these would be for the girls' tree. (Moms - if you don't have a designated kids tree, get one. Put it right next to your big tree if you have to. It has saved our ornaments, some that are over 30 years old and extremely breakable.) So we picked bright, non-traditional holiday colors and got busy.


  • Plastic, clear bulb ornaments (We also chose plastic over glass ornaments...for obvious reasons.)
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint (There are other paint options, but from what I read, Martha Stewart brand works the best because it's the thickest. We picked our's up from Michael's.)
  • Bulb flair - I snagged some ribbon and tassels from the fabric store and then made mini poms, because...we had the yarn and the pom maker, so why not?!


  • Step One : Take the ornament topper off
  • Step Two : Squeeze about a tablespoon of paint into the ornament. (Maybe a little's not an exact science.)
  • Step Three : Shake a few times and then rotate the bulb and shake a few more times. Rotate again, shake a few more times. Continue this until your bulb is fully covered. If you didn't skimp on the paint, your bulb should be covered pretty easily. 
  • Step Four : Wait a couple of days for the paint to dry with the topper off. It kind of takes forever.  
  • Step Five : Replace the topper and add your bulb flair! 
So easy! Granted, the girls couldn't help add the flair, but they did enjoy helping with the shaking. I HIGHLY recommend having them put a paper towel over the opening as they shake. Their little thumbs just aren't big enough to cover the hole completely during the shaking process. 

Now I need to think of a real keepsake ornament. One that can adorn our tree that will make me cry each year I pull it out thinking about how big my gals are getting. I'm not're crying. (SOB)