meet snick.  she killed a skunk once without getting sprayed. that's impressive. my farmer heard the commotion outside and found snick standing over the skunk. she nonchalantly looked at farmer like, "what? what's the big deal?"

snick is high maintenance and every other year she gets off the farm for a haircut. every gal needs pampered now and again.

meet trixie. she killed a weasel once. weasels are mean. trixie is vicious. we were impressed.

oh trixie. you're the cutest. you could pet her once a week and she would just die of happiness. sometimes just to be funny we beg and beg and beg her to come inside. she won't do it. she's an outside dog. she's killed a weasel once. we were impressed.

sometimes trixie goes running with me and we get chased by badgers. trixie has never been off the farm. her world is small.

sometimes my farmer and i like to make up elaborate stories about snick 'n trixie and what they do while we're working. i'll write those down one day.