cute, little yearling i found wondering in the corn field below our house
last week i wrote about how resolutions are just like goals and blahbitty blah blah. whatever. while i'll always have those goals in the back of my mind i feel really good about continuing to set short-term goals weekly. keeps me focused. on my toes. always thinkin'.

with that message in mind, my mid-january goals if you please:
  1. stretch after i run - i have this aching, throbbing pain in my right hip. i'm convinced it's because i never ever never ever stretch. one time i stretch my hamstrings and the throbbing stopped. but i hate stretching. hate. it. i also hate lifing weights but that's for another sunday. i get annoyed even thinking about stretching or lifting. but, back to the throbbing pain; my hip aches. i'm 85 years old. it hurts when i sit and even when i lay on my right side at night. fine, i'll stretch this week.
  2. work the abs - i don't remember the last time i did a crunch. it shows. you know how bellies are super cute on babies? i'm not a baby. i have a belly. i'm going to do 5000 crunches this week. when i told my farmer about this goal he scoffed. SCOFFED! he quickly followed with, "you're going to have to do ab ripper x twice a day for seven days plus a few more." well farmer...that's why i set goals. bring it.
  3. valentine's day - plan a super de duper special valentine's day for my farmer. people, than man rocks my socks off.
have a dandy of a week. my abs hurt.