high five to you...and you...and you! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!

it's been a busy week, but allow me to share five highlights:

1. i NEVER in 2000 years thought i would EVER be excited about a stinkin' crib. but guess what...i most certainly was jazzy-jazzed when this guy was delivered to the farm! totally retro. totally clean lines. totally perfect for le bebe.

an no worries...i'll be sharing my little inspiration board for le bebe domain soon-ish. (in case you cared.)

2. a super-huge high five for an impromptu sister dinner! i was on my way to nebraska to visit a college admissions team. long story short - plane was too hot + stuck in denver for the night = SISTER DINNER! isn't she the cutest?

3. a reverse high five for the lack of AC in my sister's car. (kelli...you better get this fixed!) you see...kell bell is a diy-er. she's fixed lots of stuff on her own on that little subaru of hers. she just looks it up on the internets and goes to town. all 100 pounds of her. the gal can weild a wrench if you know what i'm sayin'! i digress...

but when it's 108 degrees outside and you're driving to the airport on the freeway...windows HAD to be down and hair HAD to be protected. luckily...i'm a scarf fan and had two of these packed away...

4. a huge thank you to pottery barn (and myself) for this glorious little certificate that showed up in the mailbox. apparently when you spend enough money somewhere, said store begins to send you a percentage of that money back. it's practically like they are paying you to shop there.

(don't worry, i'm under no illusions that i have a severe problem. i'm seeking help.)

5. last but certainly not least...JUST LOOK AT WHAT ELSE CAME TO OUR MAILBOX!!!!

that's right y'all. farmer and i are going to hit a concert in the big city. i could NOT be MORE thrilled for august 6th. i love love LOVE my counting crows. granted, this will be an outside concert, in the heat of the summer, in idaho, i'll be as big as a house, and my farmer doesn't even really like the CC. what could go wrong?! i'm thrilled.

happy fry-day y'all. i think i'll go eat french fries.