i officially have an entire colony of ants in my pants at 37 weeks and four days.

i'm freaking out, people. it's officially bebe month. according to le EDD (estimated due date) we're down to 18 days.

adjectives that could describe my intense mood-swings:
  • cry-ish
  • nervous
  • anxious
  • excited
  • freaking out
  • can't sit still
  • can't focus
  • sweating from nervousness
  • can't hold conversations...
okay, those aren't adjectives...but that's basically what we're dealing with. i'm all over the map mentally these days.

you would think this is because i want to "nest." but it's not.

you see, my farmer believes i'm in a permanent state of nesting and probably have been most of my adult life.

i REALLY enjoy things to be clean and organized at all times. it's a burden and a blessing.

however, i'm also in an intense state of procrastination. i feel like i don't want to do too much bebe-prep because we're still three weeks out.

but then i look at our little bebe room and freak out because the dresser drawers still smell like paint fumes and glue. details...

i digress...

so i had so many ants in my pants on friday i announced i was getting the heck out of dodge. i packed my bag(s) and headed to the most charming of towns here in idaho. i've been visiting mccall since i was a wee one and it always brings a sense of calm, relaxation, and simplicity. i just love love love it there.

we are lucky enough to be able to escape to a family cabin that was built by my great aunt and uncle (my grandpa helped too!). they've since passed, but it's remained in the family.

isn't it adorable?

right off the driveway is a road that leads into a state park. i love running there...but these days i only walk...

on saturday i walked the opposite direction into town and treated myself to all the glorious sites and a new restaurant. it's called notch 8 and it was indeed a tasty lick...

the lake...

adorable shops...

at one of these adorable shops the shop owner stopped me and wanted to chat about bebe. about 30 seconds into the conversation she said she just couldn't stand it anymore and had to hug my belly. she looked to be nearly in tears from sheer thrill so how could i turn her down? i couldn't.

however, it wasn't just a hug. she started with some hugging. moved onto rubbing. finished with some light scratching.

now, if you've been pregnant, you know that a preg belly is an itchy belly.

now, if you know anything about me, you know i enjoy my personal space.

but something about the sincerity and "vibe" from this gal...well...i just let her keep right on hugging/rubbing/scratching. thinking back, we probably looked pretty hilarious.


how big is bebe? they say bebe is full term now and probably about 6-ish pounds and 19 inches. i think bebe is closer to the size of a two year old with the way it does pull-ups on my ribcage.

weight gain - oh...goll. i don't know. somewhere between 15 - 16 pounds. i lost some ounces in there somewhere. we'll see what doctor says on thursday. (probably water weight.)

stretch marks - BOOM! HOLLA! NONE! keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. my skin is feelin' real REAL tight.

gender - farmer and i are feeling quite convinced that it's a girl. i was looking at our 18 week ultrasound pictures and i'm pretty sure she has my cheekbones.

cravings - good news...i'm off the frosting. i've moved onto cereal for all meals which is a total throwback to my college/post-college days. mostly cinnamon life and rasin bran. i think i'll go have some now.

most dramatic moment of the week - can we count my rage from thursday night? no worries...i'm feeling better now. less angry and moreso ridiculously anxious.

happy monday you fine folk.