well. it's week 39.

39 weeks and four days to be exact.

guess who has two thumbs and is sick and tired of carrying around a bowling ball in her gut?

this girl.

fun story - an elderly man in the grocery store was picking out some lettuce yesterday. so was i. in a very gruff voice he leaned to the side and said, "swallowing watermelon seeds can be dangerous."

i'm not the "quickest" when it comes to wit, so after about five seconds of my hamster stumbling on the wheel it finally clicked. the bebe = watermelon. i swallowed a seed.

i instantly fell in love with that old man. i'm convinced he was flirting. all 117 years of him.

so, above and beyond obsessively cleaning and trying to get comfortable, my farmer has been doing his very very best to keep me busy so i don't dwell too hard on the fact that le bebe is actually climbing up my ribcage instead of settling down...bebe is going to get a spanking as soon as i see it. (kidding.)

to keep me busy, farmer took me on a bike ride. well...he ran. i biked and carried water. naturally i made him snap some shots...

quick, look super-duper awkward, perfect:

you'll notice that not only is my gut growing outward these days, but i'm also rapidly becoming wider. it's NOT a great look.

guess what you shouldn't do at 39 weeks pregnant?

you shouldn't ride a bike with poor balance and try to take a picture with an iphone...that's what you shouldn't do. almost had an accident.

my farmer ran 10 miles this evening. isn't our view lov-er-ly?

a few nights later my farmer sent me to the big city and said, "go get yourself something pretty and meet me for dinner at six."

actually, he didn't say anything about going shopping. but he did ask me on a date. and i may or may have needed a new, cute top. and so i did and we did...

but i ONLY purchased a new top because my farmer purchased new wheels...for this thing...

he calls it his "pup." it's an isuzu, diesel, flatbed that he adores more than me. and i will say it makes me a little jealous.

he's currently in the process of stripping it down, sanding it down, and jazzing it up real good-like. as if he doesn't have enough going on...

he loves his pup. he loves his pup so much. i wonder how much he's going to love his pup when he realizes it's not exactly bebe-friendly.

now how much do you love your pup?

he still loves it.


how big is bebe? bebe is large. watermelon sized. like 27 pounds. or more like 6.5 - 8 pounds and about 20 inches long.

weight gain - oh weight gain. you elude me. i'm sitting still at somewhere between 15 - 16 pounds. my fabulous, best nurse-galfriend, cathie, (labor and delivery, thank you very much) gave it to me straight. she said that since there hasn't been any water weight (as in, low to minimal swellage) 16 pounds is just dandy. that made sense to me. so i'll probably still have a few L-B's to work off after bebe. unless i have that 27 pound bebe i was talking about.

stretch marks? i don't see how it's possible, but still no stretch marks. my belly is LITERALLY at capacity. the skin is as tight as she'll go. please bebe please. if you love your mama you'll come out before those first stretch marks creep up on me. (and by first i mean any new marks. let's not forget the marks i gave myself while i ate and drank my way through college. dear god...)

gender - so...don't tell my farmer...but i may have accidentally fallen into bebe gap yesterday and i may have accidentally purchased a new girl-going-home outfit. the one i had picked out was just too gender neutral. and i can always return it should the bebe be a boy. but let's face it...it's a girl. and to go with the new going-home outfit i also purchased some super, darling pink socks, and a little zip-onesie with cats riding on broomsticks for halloween. daaaaaahling i tell you.

cravings - anything i want at any given time. on saturday i ate exactly 1/2 of an apple pie. thanks amy!

crazy-town - you know. dare i say, but i tink my "crazy" moments are subsiding. i'm down to maybe one cry a week. sometimes no cries at all. can you believe it? maybe i'm saving up for a big one. that could be fun. i did tear up at the movie argo yesterday. it was good. you should see it.

okay y'all. let's cross our fingers and toes that my next blog post will having nothing to do with being 41 weeks large. word?