we're back from vacation just in time for the weekend…which will serve the purpose of recovering from vacation.

the numbers //

3 bowls of ice cream

1 four mile run

2 spa treatments

7 glorious days with my farmer and my turtle…and good friends.

you just can't beat it.

1 // water turtle

my gal-face loves the water and can pull off a two piece with the best of them. but i couldn't resist this one-piece from gap.


2 // death defying stunts

after amy and i got back from running some errands (we got massages) we came home and my farmer immediately pulled me to the stairs and said, "watch baby's new trick."

she's now quite comfortable leaping from high places. parenting fail.

3 // puppy love

we have a serious case of puppy love on our hands. kaye was showing off for this cutie all week. if he wasn't giving her the attention she felt she deserved, she would chase him down and taunt him.

just like her mother. it's basically how i snagged my farmer.


4 // spa

did i mention for the third time amy and i were glorious recipients of not one, but two spa treatments?

we enjoyed massages and facials at the cove at shore lodge. isn't it picturesque?

i wish i could say this was a sponsored post, but no. we forked over the cash…well worth it.

the soaking pool before the treatments was beyond relaxing.

the massage was glorious.

the facial was needed.

the experience was grand.

5 // plenty of snow

we were finally able to enjoy some snow.

unfortunately there was no time for skiing or snowshoeing.

but there was plenty of time to scribble a message to my gal.

enjoy the weekend. i'll be napping.

linking up…of course.