23 weeks brings a new batch of awkward pictures...and a dress i'm never wearing again. maybe it's because it really doesn't look that good or maybe it's because it doesn't quite fit yet...or maybe it's both. either way, someone should have told me it wasn't flattering. (eh hum, amy? where were you on that one?)
regardless...for being hot in the middle of baling up our second cutting of alfalfa (and by "we" i mean...my farmer and his crew)...we still had quite the exciting little sunday. 

but first...the goods.

23 WEEK STATS | farm baby #2
WEIGHT GAIN | six pounds. six glorious pounds in my bra. that's a lie. it's actually blooming down to the stomach area. i definitely look pregnant now. i'm super happy that i've been able to keep the weight in check this go-round on the pregnancy train. i have four more months to go, though...which is a huge opportunity to let things get out of hand. which brings me to the working out portion of the program...

WORKOUTS | my workouts are awesome. when i was pregnant with kaye i worked out super regularly but was always in quite a bit of pain/sore from about 16 weeks on. with baby 2.0 i'm still sore, but not nearly what it felt like with kaye...or maybe i'm just tougher. regardless, i hope things keep progressing as smoothly. cross your fingers.

CLOTHING | i'm venturing into some new maternity clothes, but as seen above...they just don't quite cut it yet; still a little baggy. i'd really love to find myself a nice little pair of denim cut-offs...no such luck unless i'm willing to spend $160 at a pea in the pod. say what? yeah...that's what i thought.

i would love to find a cute little fourth of july outfit...but i just have the hardest time spending money on maternity clothes...four more months. four more months.

GENDER | we totally know and it's so exciting because we didn't find out with kaye. as stated before, vote in the top left corner of the blog! also, be on the lookout for another annoying blog announcement in the coming week(s)!

CRIES THIS WEEK | how exciting! i think i have cried three times this week...which is an all-time high! i'm pretty positive it's the prenatal pills...aka crazy pills. 

for instance - today, for whatever reason, the water in our shower wouldn't get hot. i waited and waited and waited...finally, i had to take a cold shower. i cried the entire time. who does that?

CRAVINGS | remember last week when i was talking about that amazing salsa recipe i'm going to share? well...it's been made and i have mason jars full in my fridge. i ate my weight in salsa today and i'm not mad about it. 

a preview? sure thing...
look for the recipe on thursday!

which brings us to our exciting sunday.

miss amy was snapping awkward pictures of my belly and i was able to coax my farmer into a few shots in front of the fun bus. (seriously...my farmer bough a short school bus.)
after the terrible pictures with my farmer we were all standing about chatting, and watching kaye show us her feats of strength. seriously...if girlfriend sees something heavy, she'll attempt to pick it up and carry it somewhere. 
amy was standing right in front of the doors to the fun bus, and as we were chatting away i screamed. i can't help it. it's a very very organic reaction to seeing a mouse run across the bus threshold and under the drivers seat. 

i screamed, amy yelled, jumped, and ran, then i ran...and our farmers jumped into action. 

the boys immediately hatched a plan that involved my farmer herding the tiny mouse in amy's farmer's (ryan) direction.

ryan whipped his shoes off, put one on each hand, and got on all fours. apparently he's done this before?
and just like that...that poor mouse breathed it's last breath. 

i won't describe exactly how it went down, but know it was "farm-style" and there was more screaming involved...from the boys.
sweet victory.

and that's how love is made on the farm folks. pregnancy pictures. mouse killing. hand holding. love.
happy monday.