what's better than stripping your kid down to her diaper and letting her loose on some finger paints and a blank canvas?

nothing...except for when your farmer strips down to his skivvies and they do it together.

kidding, kidding! my farmer doesn't have time for finger painting, so it's up to turtle and me to get our home looking fall-fantastic.

as you may have seen, i started our fall decor with our seasonal chalkboard...
and proceeded to make it rain at pottery barn on a table runner, ceramic pumpkins, and foliage for my giant vases.
we certainly can't leave out my turkey sign...it can be flipped for christmas time because it says presents in red on the other side...
but perhaps my favorite decor each season is when turtle and i bust out some finger paint and canvas and get our creative on.

this time we had some friendly help from two of our best gals - claire and her mom cathie (cathie was also a bridesmaid and my labor and delivery nurse for kaye...and hopefully k2 pending her work schedule). anyway, these two made their way from the big city down to the farm for an afternoon and obviously we were beyond thrilled. but i'll blog about their visit another day. today we focus on the art...it's too simple. 

grab your colors...
 lay them out accordingly + strip your kid down + have the blank canvas at the ready...
and let them loose.
i've done this little activity with kaye for over a year now and i have to say...this was her best creation yet. and her least messy. and she didn't eat the red paint making it look like blood was oozing from her mouth...this happened with our christmas art and valentine's day art. go figure. 
edible or not, these two enjoyed getting their painting on.
i like to think they had every intention of being abstract.

i also like to think that our finished projects make nice little additions to our fall decor.

and all for less than $5. 
the end.