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you know what i love? when my best gal is on her very best behavior. what i love even more than that is when she's on her best behavior when at a friend's house for a princess playdate.

it's no secret that my gal is more than a little enthused when it comes to anything princess. so when the idea came about to have a "princess playdate" with her gal pal claire...while planting a garden...while snacking on delicious applesauce, well, i knew her mind was going to be blown.

best. day. ever. 

coolest. mom. ever. (if i do say so myself.)

as i was saying...we headed over to claire's house, princess attire in tow. we also brought delicious tomato and green and red pepper as to learn a thing or two about gardening. princesses have to get their hands dirty too, after all.

not to mention, kaye was also more than happy to show claire the snack she brought for them to enjoy while working the earth...tree top mixed berry pouches that we snagged at albertson's grocery store.

can we talk about this beloved snack for a moment? the pouches the tree top apple sauces come in are just plain awesome. they are completely secure, so you don't have to worry about them bursting open. and if you eat them with the gusto that my kaye eats them, not a drop will be spilled - meaning they are mess-free. love that.
the other bit i love, in particular, about the mixed berry flavor of tree top applesauce is that it contains less sugar than a lot of the other pouches out there. and let's face it...above all else, fruit is fruit and it's good for you.

okay - i can't say enough good things about these pouches. not only are they kid-friendly and healthy, but the apples are 100% US grown and Tree Top is practically located in our backyard of the northwest, located in the heart of washington's apple country. not only that, but they are a grower-owned co-op...and since i come from a farm-family...well...farmer's have to stick together. i grew up with Tree Top, and now my daughters can too! Tree Top has been a trusted brand for more than 50 years. they are definitely dedicated to providing top-quality food...and my gals kaye and claire can attest to that!

so as i was saying, we basically had the best sunday ever: kaye got to hang with her friend claire. i got to spend time with one of my besties, cathie (claire's mom // gardener extraordinaire), princesses planted a garden, and i didn't have to talk kaye into slowing down long enough to eat something. she was more than happy to enjoy a pouch over gardening tools outside on a lovely afternoon.

i have more fun to share:

tree top is so graciously giving away a kid's gardening kit to one september farm reader! love that! the kit includes: "my gardening journal", red tubrug pail, kids gardening gloves, watering can, soft touch hand tool set, favorite five sprouting seeds, and Tree Top apple sauce pouches.

the giveaway will run from today, april 27th - monday, may 4th, and to enter all you have to do is answer this question in the comments section -

what's your favorite snack fresh out of the garden?

Tree Top also wants to bring awareness to Raising Good Apples, so they've partnered with the National Gardening Association's to help educate kids on gardening. Tree Top will be donating $1 to help for every box of Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches purchased through may 31st. This is all in an effort to help build and grow youth gardens!