good morning to the first of several upcoming holiday weeks! (aren't holiday weeks the best!?) i certainly think so - especially as we were decorating the tree, hanging lights, kaye broke her fifth ornament, etc, etc.

but you may be wondering (but probably not) where i was on friday. hello - radio silence.

last week i was all braggy brag in the post about sawyer and how i know she loves me. i talked about how she got sick and was calling for me and blah blah blah. well pump the brakes there seƱorita. i was in for a treat.

on thursday all those sweet kisses and back rubs soothing my poor sick, gal caught up to me. it started with a low, belly ache and ended with a midnight apocalypse from the depths of hell. dear, sweet, jesus - i thought i was going to rip the toilet seat off the bowl. the puking was violent. and mind you - as this was all going down i hear the sweetest, little footsteps coming up the stairs and the saddest little whimpers. thank god my farmer was still awake because guess who had her own episode? kaye. my best gal. in her four, short years she's never puked. she was so sad and so confused. bless her.

(sidenote - on saturday when i went to launder EVERYTHING in our house - kaye's room looked like a murder scene. you see...she had had several strawberries for dinner that thursday night - and to say partially digested strawberries looks anything but very concerning would be an understatement.)

that thursday night - until about 4 am - kaye and i took turns being sick and i'd like to think had a memorable bonding moment. (silver lining?)

also - huge shoutout to my farmer. there's no way i could have done it without him. friends - he could do it all. farmer / stay at home dad / nurse - his bedside manner is the sweetest. (except when you've just had a baby and you're trapped in a room for two full days. farmers get verrrrry very antsy in those instances.)

moving on - so kaye was basically recovered the following morning (how does that even happen?) and i - i was knocking on death's door. hello? it's me karli. please please let me in. i didn't get in and instead spent the day...sleeping. i literally slept all but a couple of hours and woke up about 8:30 pm. my farmer asked me if i though i'd be able to sleep that night - i did. i slept like a baby and woke up saturday morning like nothing had happened.

and friends - that's why i wasn't here on friday for oh hey, friday! and because of thanksgiving we won't be around next friday either. so let's just all be super happy about that.

on saturday my mom was on the farm hanging with the gals so farmer and i booked it into town to look at a backhoe on auction. yes - this is a real thing. we literally drove for two hours to look at a piece of equipment my farmer ultimately decided not to buy.

i like to think i came out on top though - i dragged him through target to pick up some christmas light clips (we put up exterior lights for the first time this year!) - and in about three minutes of being in target i snagged this moose - and i love him -

and this lamp - and i love it even more -

after target i talked him into taking me to a movie. and wouldn't you know it - it was perfect timing to go see fantastic beasts and where to find them. friends - it was so so so so good. i was absolutely thrilled the entire time. and for harry potter fans far and wide - you'll appreciate it even more. there are all sorts of character references and little things you'll pick up on and it's just super fun. my farmer is NOT a harry potter fan but he still really liked it.  

on sunday we dragged out all the christmas decorations and as i tried to decorate sawyer followed me around whine-crying the entire time. she's either getting a tooth or working through some super emotional distress. girlfriend is practically intolerable...and so spoiled. so very very spoiled. i think it's time for some tough love. anyway...while sawyer was crying kaye got in the christmas spirit and drew us all sorts of pictures. 
you guys - i'm dying over this. it's a christmas tree wearing a santa hat (just like our tree). and that gal standing next to the tree is kaye also wearing a santa hat. she even has pigtails! she kept calling that other person her boyfriend - but when asked why her boyfriend has pigtails she decided it was bitty there's that.

bright and early thursday morning we'll be heading off the farm for california - which is why all the decorating happened so early - much to my farmer's disdain. he was not excited...until he saw how excited kaye was.

it's the most wonderful time of the year.