i mean...what kind of blogger would i be if i missed a holiday? (even though i kind of want to. it wasn't our best halloween, after all.)

our day started out super promising. i had both girls ready for school on time. halloween costumes packed and ready for trick-or-treating in the big city after their school's halloween party.

speaking of halloween party - i thought it would be fun to volunteer, but what ended up happening was a lot of crying and whining from sawyer...and of course all of a sudden she couldn't throw away her own plate. she couldn't wash her hands. basically...everything she's been doing for the past 10 weeks at school by herself...she could no longer do because i was there. go figure. at one point she literally said - my legs are broken. she's a comedian, that one.

after the party we snagged the gals and headed to boise. we have some friends who live on an epic, historic street in one of the downtown neighborhoods. they were having a little party, and even though we were headed to a different part of town for trick or treating...we couldn't pass up hitting up their party. we were only slightly #overcommitted - seeing as how by the end of the night all parties involved we completely spent. but whatever...you live once.

we got in a few early houses and a few treats and drinks at their party. i was able to bribe the girls into letting me make-up their faces. sawyer insisted on having bright red lip stain just like her sister. well...the first thing she did was throw a mini fit and wipe her face (before it was dry) and for the rest of the night she looked like a cheetah that had attacked a zebra - basically a blood smeared face. so adorable.

they humored me and smiled for the obligatory picture - and i've officially accepted that next year i'm 100% sure they won't let me pick their costume. they won't be matching. and poor elli will never know the cuteness of twinning.

when it started getting dark we headed across town for some dinner with friends and their kids. pizza was had and of course, elli needed her dinner too. so...i was ditched for the first houses. i stayed back and fed elli while our farmer took the big gals. unfortunately, in that time, kaye decided it was a great time to inform us that she was sick. seriously. our farmer split from the group, came back to the house and that was the end of trick or treating for them - all of five minutes.

after i finished feeding elli i convinced sawyer to let me take her back out and those extra 10 minutes were so worth it. it was her first year of actual trick or treating. she ran to each door - twick ow tweet! thank you! and i stood at the sidewalk and smiled like an idiot mom. (because that's what i do when i realize how freaking adorable my children are - no bias.)

sawyer filled her bag. kaye was sick. elli was fed. it was time to head back to the farm. the girls slept in the following day. kaye's fever broke in the night and she was ship shape the next day. halloween 2017 almost won...but we survived. it should also be noted that the girls haven't asked for one piece of candy. what?!