all i have to say is the goal report for this week can be summed up in two words: EPIC FAIL.

1. i ran three times for a total of 15 miles. not so great. i did 100 crunches tonight...does that count for anything? so no, i didn't meet my 30 minutes of activity each day. dumb.

2. i certainly didn't work on the house every night. blah. i did work on it for about four hours today. i have the majority of the basement wired. yay! i've been dreading that. farmer, however, worked his fanny off. wow. my washer/dryer are all set up. he's a total stud. he also put all our canned light covers in, plumbed our walk-in shower (WITH 3 SHOWER HEADS!), and began framing out our windows. there really is nothing hotter (that i know of) than your man building you a house with his own two hands. he is yum.

pardon the ridiculously dirty's a construction site.
so while he was doing the washer/dryer cabinets i did something really important too...i painted some doors! okay, not very exciting and i'm not positive i love the black color. however, when you build a house and you're on your 1,000,000th decision, you stop caring about the color of your bedroom door.

3. eating healthy and getting my veggies: well, i think i didn't do too horribly. i ate several salads, brussels sprouts, raw green and red peppers and zucchini, but overall this was a fail. i certainly didn't eat anything green last night with some glorious pizza or tonight with my popcorn. i'm disgusting.

moving goals:

1. continue to be awesome. no goals this week.

i do have something amazing to report. i made dinner three times last week. i REALLY did. i could hardly believe it. neither could my farmer. i got lots of kisses and praise. the man loves a girl in the kitchen. and i can't wait for this girl to be in her NEW kitchen!

PEOPLE...we're getting countertops this week! i'll be sure to post pictures as soon as they're in!

attack the week, everyone. that's my plan.  i'm off for a run in this 60 degree weather.