no no no. let me start over. the title of my post doesn't do our valentines day justice.

our valentines day was actually pretty wonderful. not romantic in the slightest...but we keep the passion burning the other 364 days a hum...or something like that.

our valentines day started off with my farmer making all this best gals some oddly shaped pancakes. he totally insisted they were hearts. like...actual replicas of the hearts beating in our chests. he actually used the word cross section. and you're right. the pancakes looking nothing like valentine we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and go with his cross section.

after gobbling those up i had my gals open their valentines they had received from all our fellow blogger mamas...and they made it rain. candy, crayons, candy, glow sticks, a little flashlight, homemade watercolor was wonderful.

the gals also received some new activity books from their nana and papa (my parents...thank you nana and papa!) and some books from the farmer and me.

speaking of books...we got kaye the pinkalicious set for christmas and then some more pinkalicious for valentines day. yes. 100 times yes. they are such cute books and kaye LOVES them.

sawyer got this book and it's also pretty stellar. the pictures are raised and indented and it also gives you key words to point out that you might not normally think to talk about. highly recommend. sawyer loves running her fingers all over the pages. i'm not doing it justice. just add it to your list.

anyway...back to our super romantic v-day.

later in the day we headed to the big city to attend brody's birthday party. i'll let the pictures do the talking, but let's just say kaye had the very very best time. sawyer had fun. farmer had fun too. i ate cake.

when kaye wasn't busy running a muck and beating up on beckam...

i was forcing her to take pictures of me...and she was also showing some serious attitude. i'm really not sure what to do with this girl in a few years. i'm scared. so very very scared.
there was a bounce house, a million slides, a rock wall (i'll get to that), and a special section for little muffins...just like my sawyer. 
she was busy. definitely no time to slow down for photo opps. 

get off me, mom. put your camera away, mom. sawyer is totally going to have that super annoyed teenager voice. i can already hear it. farmer was appropriately picked on...
probably because of stunts like this...
see that gal trapped up against the rock wall? you know, she's just trying to help her kid. that's amy of the farmer's wife. and my farmer can't help but straight up harass her. thank god she's a good sport.

meanwhile...instead of saving his wife from my farmer, amy's farmer was busy testing his skills on the pole...rope. testing his skills on the rope. 
kaye took the whole rock climbing bit pretty seriously. she had things to conquering the tire wall. 
we're clearly not afraid of heights. so...there's that. 
the party was a total success and i'm strongly considering ditching all the work it takes to put into a backyard party (so. much. work!) and just renting a facility. the kids had so much fun and there was way less clean-up involved. 

oh! and in honor of valentines day...let me throw in this super sweet picture of my sawyer-muff giving all her love to amy's new boy, bennett. this was one of six hugs and she proceeded to kiss him twice and poke his eye once. 
love at first sight.

following cake consumption we had plans to meet up with my mom for pizza. romantic. 
it really was a fantastic day. and even though amy got the most action pressed up against a rock wall...i still felt all the love from my farmer and two best gals.